Colorado Funeral Home – Remains of at least 189 people removed, up from 115, Officials say

On Tuesday, officials said, the remains of at least 189 people have been removed from a Colorado funeral home, up from an initial estimate of about 115 when the decaying and improperly stored bodies were discovered two weeks ago. The remains were found by authorities responding to a report of an “abhorrent smell” inside a decrepit building at the Return … Read more

Is Scam? TD Bank Text Message 2023:

Did you receive a Text from TD Bank and want to find out if it is a scam or legit text? Great! You’re just at the right place, continue reading to find out more about this text. Is text scam or legit? Find Out! What is Scam Text Text are texts … Read more

North Korea completes test of spy satellite

North Korea has released satellite imagery of South Korea’s Seoul and Incheon cities presumed to have been shot during test. More details here! North Korea prepares to launch its first spy satellite North Korea plans to complete “preparations for the first military reconnaissance satellite by April, 2023,” the official said in the KCNA report. A … Read more

Diego Maradona: What Led To His Death?

Who is Diego Maradona? What led to the death of the greatest football player Diego Maradona? Details here!! Who is Diego Maradona? Talking about the greatest football players of all time, the list is often only two names long: the Brazilian legend Pelé and El Pibe de Oro, Diego Armando Maradona of Argentina. Diego Maradona was a … Read more

What did Cristina Fernández de Kirchner do?

Who is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner ? What did she do? Is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner guilty of fraudulent administration? Read full details here! Who Is Cristina Fernández? Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is an Argentine lawyer and a politician who in 2007 became the first female elected president of Argentina; she held office until 2015. She succeeded her … Read more

Argentina wins World Cup Against France.

Argentina won world cup final against France . Lionel Messi and other players tried their best in making sure they win the world cup. Alas they did. Details here! World Cup finals Messi had long ago established himself as the best player of his generation, winning seven Ballon d’Or trophies and four Champions League titles. … Read more

Did Jacinda Ardern Apologize To ACT Leader After Calling Him An “Arrogant Prick”?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apologised to ACT leader David Seymour for calling him an “arrogant prick” in Parliament. Read to know what she said ! Jacinda Ardern has apologized During a meeting of the Parliament on Tuesday, Jacinda Ardern, a liberal, could be heard calling her rival David Seymour, the leader of the libertarian ACT … Read more

How did Stephen ‘tWitch’ die?

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, known for his work as a DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” has died .He was 40. What led to his death? Exclusive details here? Who is Stephen ‘tWitch’? Stephen ‘tWitch’ was born on September 29, 1982 to Connie Boss Alexander and Sandford Rose in Montgomery, Alabama. He was an American freestyle hip hop dancer, choreographer, … Read more

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