March 27, 2023
Squirtle Wordle

Squirtle Wordle 2022: What Is The Game About? Find Out!

Have you heard about Squirtle Wordle and want to find out more about it? Continue Reading to find out more interesting facts about Squirtle Wordle.

What is Squirtle Wordle?

Squirtle Wordle is The Pokemon theme on Wordle, created by Costa Rican.  Squirtle is an inbuilt application provided in the game. Just like its counterpart Wordle, The players are given seven guesses and 1 hint relating to the previous hints. If the guess is correct, the box will turn green. Squirtle was created in 2022 by Fireblend

How to Play The Squirtle Game

  1. Visit the official website of Wordle through the internet, and also, mentioned in the conclusion below.
  2. Click to the right-hand side and pop up for different versions that will be listed.
  3. Scroll down to the Squirtle button.
  4. Click on the Pokemon puzzle update, and you can play for free.

More Details

Much like Wordle, Squirtle players must guess the correct Pokémon using clues from previous guesses. However, the clues are a bit more complex. Instead of verifying the letters of each guess, the game verifies the guess’s generation, type, height, and weight. unlike WordleSquirdle has an option to play as many games per day as players want. However, there’s still a daily puzzle for those who want the limit.

In Squirtle, players start by guessing a Pokémon name. The game spits out a line of clues to help players figure out the daily Pokémon. It’ll tell them if it’s the right generation and type, denoting a correct guess with a green square. It also tells players if the guessed monster is taller and heavier than the actual one

Squirtle also has multiple modes to enjoy the game. The first one is Squirdle Daily which is the regular game where every player in the world has to guess the same mystery Pokemon every 24 hours, just like Wordle where everyone is guessing the same word. You can play this mode only once a day.

You can check out the  Squirtle and start making your daily Pokémon guesses by going to Fireblend’s website


Squirdle also has a free play or random mode where you can enjoy the experience of guessing a Mystery Pokemon every time. It is nothing like the “Who’s That Pokemon” quiz we used to play while watching the popular show on TV.

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