March 27, 2023
Heardle Archive Game

Heardle Archive Game Reviews 2022: Exciting Details Here!

Have you heard about Heardle Archive Game and want to find out more about it? Do you want to play Heardle Archive Game and intend knowing the basics of the game? Continue Reading to find out more details.

What is Heardle Archive Game?

Heardle Archive Game is a daily puzzle game just like Wordle but a musical aspect of it. This is based on the concept of the original, Wordle and the same principles apply but in this game you have to guess music. It follows the same premise as the viral game but instead of guessing a five letter word, you have to guess a song. The free online game plays you a short piece of the introduction of a song

The Game was developed by Josh Wardle. In this game, players listen to the music and predict the name of the singer. The intro music can be played many times to understand the music, and Players have the option to skip and listen to the song further.

You have six guesses (just like Wordle) to try and nail what the song is from the audio clues.

In the first attempt, you are played one second of the song, in the next attempt, you hear two seconds, then four seconds, then seven seconds, then 11 seconds and, finally 16 seconds to decipher what it is.

The game tries to assist you by – it auto-filling the songs it could possibly be as you type.

There’s one game per day and the website stores your scores.

How to play Heardle

To play the game you have to head on to the official page,,

The app then tells you to follow three easy instructions. The first is to guess today’s song by listening to its intro.

The second instruction is that incorrect or skipped guesses unlock more of the song, and thirdly, guess correctly in as few tries as possible and share your score.

Heardle Song For the Day

The Heardle Song for the Day is Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper


In Heardle Archive Game, About Us Page it has stated that it pulls songs from “a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade,” which means that for music lovers it wont be too hard identifying the songs.

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