Slimory Ultrasonic Reviews Is This a Waste of Money? Find Out

Slimory Ultrasonic Reviews

Do you want to end your long search for eliminating neck fat? Heard of Slimory Ultrasonic Portable Lymphatic device? If yes, you are in the right place to discover the truth. This Slimory Ultrasonic review is for you to know all about this product whether to shop or not.

In this post, you are assured of getting earnest review on this product. Kindly read to the end and share any complaint in the comment section.

About Slimory Ultrasonic

The Slimory Ultrasonic is a portable device with a simple design aiming to end neck fat. The device passes ultrasonic signals for removing excess body fats that are turned into liquid and evaporated through sweat.

Following this, it claims to help blood flow to organs and tissues throughout the body. Through waves which the Instrument emits, it helps dissolve blockages and abnormalities.

The device comes with a U-shaped neck massage that fits the curve of your neck. Therefore, it does not cause burden on your shoulders and no slipping off.

While the product appears helpful and trustworthy, this review is for you to know if the product is worth buying or not. More so, this review will expose all that is needed to know about this product.

Take a look at other details—

Inside Slimory Ultrasonic Portable Lymphatic

Slimory Ultrasonic Portable Lymphatic is specified with the following information.

  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • The diameter of the neck is 12.4.7 mm
  • Variety of colours –  Black and Red
  • The length is 119 mm
  • 15 levels of intensity for suitable adjustment

Some Alleged Benefits of Slimory Ultrasonic Lymphatic

  • It claims to relieve pain and improve blood circulation
  • It reduces weight
  • Ideal tool for body cleansing 
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Good battery timing

What We Don’t Like

  • Negative customer reviews detected on external site
  • False advertisement on the product

Slimory Ultrasonic Lymphatic: Does It Work?

Slimory Ultrasonic Portable Lymphatic device is believed to boost the Lymphatic system and drain fluids much faster and easier. This may sound too good to be true, right? In all its presentations, the product seems to bring hope to many with the easy to use device for weight loss. However, there are negative feedbacks on external site with many customers sharing their dissatisfactions on the product. Take a look yourself:

Wasted my money. It only vibrates when I hunch my neck & shoulders. Should be zero star

Do not waste your time or money on this item! It is simply a cheap, poor posture alert device ( and it doesn’t even do that properly!!) It has absolutely no effect on lymphatic at all!! Seller is also uncooperative to get refund.

Bottom Line:

Slimory Ultrasonic appears to remove accumulated fat in the lymph nodes through its ultrasonic signals. While the device may be a ground breaking product aiming to help many who are tired of stiff neck, users have left some unsatisfactory feedbacks. By all appearances, we would advise buyers not to have high expectation on this product.

Have you purchased this product before? Does it go well with you? Please share your experience in the comment section below. Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Slimory Ultrasonic Reviews Is This a Waste of Money? Find Out”

  1. Seems to only be poor posture device as well to me & instructions that came with only mentions for posture. Only vibrates when I bend over, and doesn’t even seem to stay on. Disappointed with advertising of product. Appears to be false.

  2. Thank you for the feedback was about to order myself-
    I am so disappointed in people that try to take your money under false advertizing- making fools out of all of us-MAD

  3. This devise was a complete waste of money. It does not work as advertised. It only vibrated when I was bent over at my waist and nothing worked around my neck. I wish I had seen these reviews before I purchased it. Completely false results are being advertised. So disappointing.

  4. I have used the Slimory system for almost a month and no difference in my weight or pain levels. I called to return for my money to be refunded. The company representative wouldnt accept my request to return product. Told me to try it longer. They want me to use it beyond the free trial period, in my opinion, so they dont have to refund my money. I would tell everyone to research before u buy. Wish i had then i would still have my money and not this silly thing around my neck like a monkey.

  5. I have used my neck device for 19 days. I have lost 0 pounds and have not noticed much in the way of pain relief. It states you only need to wear for 15 minutes and I have worn mine for several hours at a time still with no results.

  6. It only vibrates if you are not in proper position. What I don’t like is that it does nothing to let you know it is working when you are in proper position (don’t know if the battery is dead, have to purposely move out of position to see if it vibrates or not). Have been using it for a week and I don’t notice any difference in weight or pain.


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