Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?

Rumor claims that Gwen Stefani is pregnant. Is it true ?

Gwen Stefani: Who is she?

Gwen Stefani is an American singer and song-writer. She was born on October 3, 1969 , Fullerton, California U.S.A.

Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani first gained popularity in the 1990s as the lead singer of No Doubt. She went on to have a highly successful solo career and launch her own clothing line, L.A.M.B. After parting ways with her No Doubt bandmates in the early 2000s to begin a solo career, Stefani reunited with the band in 2012. She has since released more music as solo artist and served as a coach for multiple seasons of the singing competition series The Voice.

Is Gwen Stefani Married?

The couple connected on set at “The Voice” in 2015, when both were coaches on the long-running NBC talent search show. The pair formed a fast friendship and bonded over their complex, high-profile divorces. The following year, Shelton told The Tennessean, part of the USA TODAY Network, the relationship “literally saved my life.” He explained he and Stefani initially struggled with trust issues, but they turned them into inspiration for their first duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.

“Sometimes when you think things couldn’t be worse and you can’t make it through another day, you never know what’s right around the corner that can save your life — that’s literally what happened for me,” said Shelton, 44.

“The fact that we were able to be there for each other and relate to each other in that way like nobody else on earth. … There’s so much out there that is crazy, to have a shoulder and somebody that can be there for you and relate and understand, it literally saved my life.”

The couple got engaged last October (Stefani later reflected she “didn’t have any idea” the proposal was going to happen) and expressed interest in having a summer 2021 wedding after initially holding off on scheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

‘I heard a YES’:Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get engaged

Stefani ended fevered wedding speculation with a Monday Instagram post wearing a robe and flipping back a wedding veil topped with a white bow. “July 3 2021,” Stefani wrote in the caption with a heart emoji, tagging Shelton. It was the first of many wedding reveals Stefani made on her Instagram page.

The couples

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?

There is an ongoing rumor that Gwen Stefani is pregnant. Some people are convinced the 53-year-old pop star is pregnant and starting to show. One Twitter user wrote: “How is nobody talking about Gwen Stefani maybe being pregnant? That is a baby bump if I’ve ever seen one!!”

According to what an insider told Life & Style in a recent edition of the print version of the magazine (via IB Times), Gwen had given up on IVF a long time ago before deciding to give it another shot, since she “wanted nothing more than to give Blake his own child.” But this time, it looks like it worked

The source went on to claim that doctors encouraged Gwen to “give her body a rest,” and on her last try, the procedure was finally successful, though it sounds like it was an emotional time all around.

“She’d get her hopes up after every round and get deflated when it didn’t happen,” the insider said. “She was so desperate to have a baby with Blake that she put pressure on herself, which was a lot for him to deal with, too. He hated seeing Gwen like that.”

According to what friends have told the source who spoke with Life & Style, Gwen and Blake have already bought pink cowgirl boots and a matching hat, so it sounds like their baby-to-be might be a girl.

“Gwen and Blake are saying it’s definitely a Christmas miracle that she finally got pregnant,” the source said.

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