iPhone Scam Warning Text 2023: Bank Emptying and Credit Card Stealing Fake News

Did you receive a iPhone Scam Warning Text claiming to be from iPhone telling you that  US Government is warning the public about a bank emptying or credit card stealing text. Do you want to find out if this iPhone Scam Warning Text is scam or legit? Continue reading for more Info,

What is iPhone Scam Warning Text

  The iPhone Scam Warning Text is a scam text that scammers are sending to random people with a link to a phishing website. The texts comes in different ways and it says the  US Government is warning the public about a bank emptying or credit card stealing text. 

You may even receive different texts claiming to be from different banks because the crooks are hoping to guess your financial institution.”

If you respond, you’ll receive a phone call that appears to be from the legitimate bank number

So many people have left complaints online about this ongoing scam, there is also an ongoing conversation on Reddit about this type of Scam.

iPhone Scam Warning Text
iPhone Scam Warning Text

How to prevent being Scammed?

When you get such calls or email. Ensure it is coming from a company mail and not @gmail, @yahoo, @aol and the likes. If it is a number, pen the number down and ask the company they are representing , its far better to even drop the call without engaging them. Don’t click any links on the email and don’t reply as well. Check for reviews online about the company to ascertain its legitimacy. If it involves PayPal, then checkout how to report here. And always ensure you don’t disclose personal details like credit card details, social security details and personal ids. You can also download spam call blocking apps on your phone.


From the foregoing it is clear that the iPhone Scam Warning Text is a phishing scam. To be on the safer side, do not follow the scam page or click on any link as these are scammers who are looking for ways to steal your personal and financial information.

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