Southwest Air Fans Scam 2022: SCAM! Busted!! Beware!!

There is a Southwest Air Fans Scam going on on Facebook, they are claiming to be from the Southwest Airlines and saying you won a free flight tickets and asking you to click on a link? Do you want to know if its a scam? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about Southwest Air Fans Scam

What is Southwest Air Fans Scam

 Southwest Air Fans Scam are scam posts claiming to be from Southwest Airlines saying you won a free flight.

Southwest debunked the fraudulent page on Facebook by sharing a photo of the profile called “Southwest Air” with the words “scam alert” on it. The fake page made a post claiming that all of the airline’s flights are operating 24/7 and that it wants to show appreciation to loyal customers by giving away 500 free roundtrip flights to any destination.

How to prevent being Scammed?

When you get such calls or email. Ensure it is coming from a company mail and not @gmail, @yahoo, @aol and the likes. If it is a number, pen the number down and ask the company they are representing , its far better to even drop the call without engaging them. Don’t click any links on the email and don’t reply as well. Check for reviews online about the company to ascertain its legitimacy. If it involves PayPal, then checkout how to report here. And always ensure you don’t disclose personal details like credit card details, social security details and personal ids. You can also download spam call blocking apps on your phone.


To be on the safer side, do not follow the scam page or click on any link as these are scammers who are looking for ways to steal your personal and financial information.

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  1. Ya I did the Stanley thing, they got me, and when I reported it to cash app, my card company they did nothing about it

  2. That’s bad, but a good reason to cancel cash app! Just got off fone with Capital One and theyu declined my $6.75 charge for ‘postage’ to receive my 225pc tool set from Harbor Freight… The email address looked too dubious but I bit anyway, ugh. No harm done…


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