November 16, 2023 Review: Scam Online Store Detected?

Are you looking for reviews? We have written this to bring Glossfreya review to light and show you some facts. This will help you understand whether is a legit or fraudulent online store. You are advised to read multiple reviews such as this one before spending your money in a new and unfamiliar online store. Read this review carefully before making any purchase from

What is Glossfreya? is an online store that claims to sell Hoka sneakers and running shoes. The website is not properly structured and it misses some key elements of a professional online store. This site is less than three months old (You can check their age on WHOIS Domain Age Checker), which gives it a low trust score in that respect.

What we Know About

Missing Contact Info

Address: 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpignan France

Phone Number: N/A

Email Address: [email protected] does not provide a valid contact address. The one provided has no affiliation with them. It’s an address that is seen on some other suspicious stores. This store is clearly a shady one at best. Return Policy has a return policy that lasts 14 days. The return policy states that you will need to contact them before returning. In addition, they require customers to bear the cost for shipping fees during return/exchange, whether or not the error is from the store. This is not something a legit online store would do.

No Reviews:

There are no customer reviews for products on Customer reviews are something that you see on every legit online store. Customer reviews serve as a good means of telling future customers that a store does deliver. It also helps future customers choose what product to buy based on past customer experience. You cannot trust this site since they don’t have customer reviews for their products.


Most of the content on this site can be found to be copied from other sites. Even a lot of their images were taken from google. Legit stores never use copied content for anything and especially not policies.

Verdict: Is Legit?

After carefully considering everything stated above, we can conclude that is a shady online store. Glossfreya gives us multiple reasons to not trust them, and it is dangerous to want to do business in a site like that. Like Roselinly, Ecobsn, Pecoast, Goluise, Wncer, Ble-style, Zara Fashion, Zrendi, Youadw, etc. this store is not to be trusted.

Have you had any experience with suspicious sites such as this one? Or is it even this store in particular? We encourage you to tell us your experience in the comments. If there are other suspicious sites you would want us to review like this, feel free to mention it in the comments as well. Or you can tell us privately by using the Contact Us page. If you have doubts about the article itself, use the comments as well. However, if you feel this article of ours has helped you in some way, be sure to share it with your friends and family via your social media accounts.

In the online world today, a lot of scams keep coming up and making it difficult for honest internet users to purchase online without getting scammed. This is why we write reviews like these, to keep you on your toes and save you from their clutches. If you have used any of these websites’ services by accident, contact your bank to make sure your credit card info and other personal info has not been compromised.

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9 thoughts on “ Review: Scam Online Store Detected?

  1. I have ordered a pair of shoes from Manalili…X2 more than 4weeks ago. I got a confirmation email, that I bought them, but can’t seem to track my order?! Can anyone help me?

  2. Bestilte to par Hoka sko i august. De godkjente kanselering av oppdraget etter noen måneder, da vi ikke fikk skoene, men ingen tilbakebetalte penger er mottatt.
    Nå fungerer ikke kontaktinformasjonen deres: [email protected]
    Dette er svindel

  3. I ordered some caiman ostrich shoes and never got them. When I tried to contact them their email and website did not work.

  4. I made a purchase November 12, 2021 and still haven’t received my order. I email them but it comes back error sent. Wtf The telephone is no help. This leave me no reason to believe that this is a scammer. I hope they enjoy the $61.53 that I donated to them.😊

  5. This site here I recommend u not shop with them they take pictures of other stores products that look really good I order two bomber jacket with sheep skin I wish you could see what I was sent for my money plastic on top of I can’t even explain the cheap suppose to be inside like the cheap blanket that all the stuff get into your hair clothes stuff like that the co name is pengchenghu that’s not who I order from but they change names after you order stay away from them bomber jackets on line or you gonna get took they seem like that make it it take so long to get it they send u any size don’t matter they just send u something light in the box also don’t shop with them the send you shoes that will fit a baby any color any style they can find you order in one co name when they get your money no address no return you just stuck with some cheap stuff come from scammers from another country it’s a lot of that going on on online shopping a lot of these places are R.I.P. off the known stores are ok Macy’s Hebert boots I will tell you more after I deal with them every two out of five I get R.I.P. off can’t get my money and pay pal return it they good but I have problem shopping I don’t know who the crooks are until I done lost my money so it’s sad you gotta get scam like that out here when people use to order stuff all the time and always got what u order so be careful I’m getting R.I.P. off a lot myself

  6. Yes I ordered a pair of Hoka runners last October and am still waiting for them.
    Obviously a scam site so beware I’ve learnt my lesson now.

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