Wncer.com Review (2021): Scam or Genuine Online Store?

Are you looking for wncer.com reviews? We have written this to bring Wncer review to light and show you some facts. This will help you understand whether wncer.com is a legit or fraudulent online store. You are advised to read multiple reviews such as this one before spending your money in a new and unfamiliar online store. Read this review carefully before making any purchase from wncer.com

What is Wncer?

Wncer.com is an online store that claims to be selling different kinds of running shoes, sneakers; Nike Air Jordans, Adidas Yeezy Boost, etc. The website is not structured very well and it misses some elements of a professional online store. It is less than a month old and as such, thus has a low trust score (You can check this using WHOIS Domain Age Checker). The website also uses a http protocol instead of a https, which makes it insecure. All credit card information you enter in the website is liable to be stolen.

What we Know About Wncer.com

Fake Contact Info

Address: 128 LIN Rd, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA

Phone Number: N/A

Email Address: [email protected]

Wncer.com does not provide a valid contact address — the one they provide doesn’t have any known affiliation to the site. As a matter of fact, it is a residential address, not an industrial address. This sort of controversy means they’re hiding something and as such, we cannot trust them.

Wncer.com Return and Exchange

Wncer.com has no Return Policy or “Return and Exchange” page. The return and exchange policy is a customer-centric policy that ensures satisfaction for the customer and no legit store will be missing such important policies.

Fake Reviews:

The customer reviews for products on wncer.com are all 5-star-rated reviews. This gives all products with reviews an average 5-star rating. Such perfection is only seen when a site fakes it’s reviews. Hence, this is a red flag and almost definitely marks this store as suspicious


Most of the content on this site can be found to be copied from other sites. Wncer.com particularly copies it’s template from Ecobsn.com a site we recently listed as suspicious, and this is evident in their About us page where the name ecobsn appears multiple times.

Verdict: Is Wncer.com Legit?

After carefully considering everything stated above, we can conclude that wncer.com is a shady online store. Wncer gives us multiple reasons to not trust them, you should be careful with them. It is dangerous to want to do business in a site like that. Like Loidah, Roselinly, Thumpup, Pecoast, Jiketax, Goluise, Westerntags, etc. this store is not to be trusted.

Have you had any experience with suspicious sites such as this one? Or is it even this store in particular? We encourage you to tell us your experience in the comments. If there are other suspicious sites you would want us to review like this, feel free to mention it in the comments as well. Or you can tell us privately by using the Contact Us page. If you have doubts about the article itself, use the comments as well. However, if you feel this article of ours has helped you in some way, be sure to share it with your friends and family via your social media accounts.

In the online world today, a lot of scams keep coming up and making it difficult for honest internet users to purchase online without getting scammed. This is why we write reviews like these, to keep you on your toes and save you from their clutches. If you have used any of these websites’ services by accident, contact your bank to make sure your credit card info and other personal info has not been compromised.

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