Ble-style Reviews: Scam Online Store Detected?

Are you looking to buy tarot cards from We have written this to bring Ble-style review to light and show you some facts. This will help you understand whether is a legit or fraudulent online store. You are advised to read multiple reviews such as this one before spending your money in a new and unfamiliar online store. Read this review carefully before making any purchase from

What is Ble-style?

Ble-style is an online store that claims to be selling shoes, baseball hats, blanket, seat covers, etc. The website is not structured very well and it misses some elements of a professional online store. It is over 6 months old and as such, thus has a decent trust score (You can check this using WHOIS Domain Age Checker).

What we Know About

No Contact Info

Address: N/A

Phone Number: N/A

Email Address: N/A does not provide any contact information whatsoever. This definitely means they’re hiding something and as such, we cannot trust them. Return Policy has a return policy that lasts 30 days. They require that customers contact them before attempting to initiate a return, but they don’t provide an email address to contact them with. This kind of mishap is one of the reasons websites can be marked as suspicious.

Fake Reviews:

The customer reviews for products on are a string of 5-star ratings with positive comments. This type of flawlessness is only seen when stores fake reviews.. Customer reviews are something that you see on every legit online store. Customer reviews serve as a good means of telling future customers that a store does deliver. It also helps future customers choose what product to buy based on past customer experience. You cannot trust this site since they don’t have trustworthy customer reviews for their products.


Most of the content on this site can be found to be copied from other sites. Even a lot of their images were taken from google. Legit stores never use copied content for anything and especially not policies.

Verdict: Is Legit?

After carefully considering everything stated above, we can conclude that is a shady online store. Ble-style gives us multiple reasons to not trust them, you should be careful with them. It is dangerous to want to do business in a site like that. Like Loidah, Roselinly, Thumpup, Pecoast, Jiketax, Goluise, Westerntags, Jarmie, Zara Fashion, etc. this store is not to be trusted.

Have you had any experience with suspicious sites such as this one? Or is it even this store in particular? We encourage you to tell us your experience in the comments. If there are other suspicious sites you would want us to review like this, feel free to mention it in the comments as well. Or you can tell us privately by using the Contact Us page. If you have doubts about the article itself, use the comments as well. However, if you feel this article of ours has helped you in some way, be sure to share it with your friends and family via your social media accounts.

In the online world today, a lot of scams keep coming up and making it difficult for honest internet users to purchase online without getting scammed. This is why we write reviews like these, to keep you on your toes and save you from their clutches. If you have used any of these websites’ services by accident, contact your bank to make sure your credit card info and other personal info has not been compromised.

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12 thoughts on “Ble-style Reviews: Scam Online Store Detected?”

  1. I am still waiting on a purchase made on the 1st of December and it said 7 to 10 days and here it’s been 17 now I like to get my money back if you ain’t going to give it to me

    • Well did you get what you paid for? I made a purchase from blue-style and if you read little disclaimer. It works just like what is says. I ordered two pairs of shoes. Pair of work out pants for wife and a blanket cuz wife gets cold on couch. The Time line they give you is pretty accurate and one day a few weeks later I get an email. Kinda like the one I got when I first made the purchase telling me it’s ready to ship. Every day I would pull up same email and smash that shipping tracking numbers. And it bounced around in China and then ended up in LA and two day s later Phoenix. Where it took USPS three day to get it to my house. Shoes are really nice, yoga pants are almost perfect and blanket is out of this world. Took less than a month. Dec 3rd to Dec 22nd.

  2. I have been scamed big time Ordered three hats for Christmas gifts costing will over $100 . The hats are of very poor quality and i have been unable to return. The hats label is smeared where the Eagle and the name Carlton is printed. Stay away. they come from China and are a total loss I am just sick as I live on a budget .At a loss right now as to what else can be done Credit card company has tried to help but I am just stuck with the purchase.

  3. My Husband just Received his Caps today since ordered on November 30th.
    The quality is disgraceful…paid about $80. For the both Caps.
    Save your Money..Do not order anything from this Company.

  4. I was absolutely terrified when I read these reviews about ble-style as I already ordered a hoodie. Let me first start off when you order from said store it’s coming from China. I saw this on Facebook and took a chance. Well since this was 2022 and it was a Christmas gift to my dad I completely thought there was no chance it was going to be here or I got scammed. Well gladly to say today is December 22, 2022 and it showed up. The material that it is made from is not that grate but for everyone’s information when you get the tracking number and for days once it clears customs it says usps is waiting on the arrival. Take your tracking number the shipper gives you and put it in on DHL. It will then show you where the package is even know it shows still in the same spot it probably isn’t. You are just not aware that DHL picks the item up and takes it to your regional post office. Until your regional post office gets the item it will look like for days that it hasn’t moved. I am ok with the item and I now feel a little more comfortable ordering from them after doing research and freaking out over my package.

  5. Ordered a hat end of November, yet to see it. Live and learn. I’ll look up reviews prior to any order from now on. Scammed from another site as well.

    • Greg I ordered some stuff in November and it did arrive late because my jackass post office returned it. Just keep in contact with them by email like I did until it arrived.


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