Facebook Marketplace Scams 2022: Beware Of Scammers On The Facebook Marketplace!

There are so many Scams taking place on the Facebook Marketplace. Do you want to find out more about the Facebook Marketplace Scams? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about Facebook Marketplace Scams

What is Facebook Marketplace Scams

 Facebook Marketplace Scams are scams going on in the Facebook Marketplace. p

Even though Facebook Marketplace is backed by the power of the social networking giant, buying and selling items through the service can still carry the same risks as making purchases on other peer-to-peer platforms or through the classified ads of the local newspaper.

Buyers and sellers on Marketplace frequently know little about each other. Without taking sensible precautions, either party could end up being a victim of robbery or fraud.

Some Facebook Marketplace Scams And How To Avoid It

  • Ridiculously cheap item
  • The seller may ask for payment in advance
  • Often times the Facebook account looks phoney and its also a new account too.
  • They sometimes ask for a code to verify you, this is a scam
  • Posting phony house rentals
  • Asking you to communicate outside of Facebook Marketplace

How To Protect Yourself From The Facebook Marketplace Scam

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook and all other online platforms
  •  inspect all products before purchasing them
  • Meet with the buyer/seller in a well-lit, public place. 
  • Look at user ratings and reviews before making a purchase, go through their profiles and see what people have to say about them.
  • Pay in cash, or use trusted payment methods
  • If a seller seems suspicious, Google their email address. If it’s associated with other suspicious websites or listings, it’s a scam. 
  • protect your devices from malware and viruses. If you accidentally open a spam link, you’ll be protected from viruses trying to access your personal information


The Facebook Marketplace can be an excellent place to sell goods, but a great deal can sometimes be too good to be true.

To be on the safer side, Social media Users should be wary of clicking on links and inputting their passwords online except it is an official page. Do not click on links as this is the fastest and easiest way to get your account hacked, Use a strong Password too, and once you notice you have clicked on any suspicious websites, quickly go to your settings and change your password to a stronger one. It is also important to turn on two-factor authentication in your settings for added security.

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I hope this helps!

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