Who Is Aidonai? What Happened To His Son? Exclusive Details Here!

Are you a fan of Aidonai? Are you aware of his marital status? Are you aware of the death of his son? Find Out Here

Who Is Aidonai?

Aidonai is a dancehall and reggae artist from Kinston Jamaica. He was born on 6 April,1981 Aidonia is the second of four children for his mother, who was a teacher, and his father, an ex-soldier. He took his stage name from the first two letters in his middle name ‘Aitana’, and ‘Donia’, a name which he earned while playing football.

He became active as an artist in the year 2004 and he has released albums on the record labelsVP Records and Jag One Productions.

He had some challenges, so he relocated to the United States with his father and worked at FedEx. For the next three years, he visited Jamaica regularly and did things on the dancehall scene in New York. While in New York, he was encouraged by some to return to Jamaica in order to get his career going.

Ever since he has been doing his best in his career and personal life.


Aidonai wife

In 2013,Kimbelly had a son for Adonai. In Septmember 2016, Kimberly Megan got married to Adonai. As at then their son was two years old the couple got married.


Khalif’s Illness

Khalif has reportedly been seriously ill since 2019, Rumor say that the child may have been battling cancer. According to reports Kimbelly left social media just to pay full attention to her son , Aidonia’s accounts have also been less active as well.

The Death Of Khalif

The nine years old son of Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan, sadly passed away. The death of King Khalif Lawrence occurred on December 3, 2022, a Saturday. Aidonia and his wife Kimbelly shared a close bond with their son before his demise. The artist had his son and wife’s names tattooed on his chest near his heart earlier this year.


Aidonia Fraternity Sends Tributes

Several tributes poured in on social media in the wake of the death of nine-year-old King Khalif Lawrence, son of dancehall entertainer Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan, who passed away over the weekend after ailing for sometime.

Shaggy shared in an Instagram post: “My condolences to @aidonia4thgenna and his wife Kimberly’. … who lost their only child Khalif earlier today …my heart aches for their loss… it’s unimaginable the lost (sic) of a child. Sending prayers!”

Producer Skatta Burrell, who once managed Aidonia, wrote: “Sheldon your loss is our loss! You’re forever fam and the pain you feel, I can’t even imagine how immensely devastated you must be.”

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