February 8, 2024

Tmobile Settlement Text Scam 2022: Is This A Scam Or Legit Text? Find Out!

Have you received an Tmobile Settlement Text about a Class action settlement case against T-Mobile US, Inc. and T-Mobile USA, Inc. relating to a data breach that T-Mobile announced on August 16, 2021.?. Do you want to find out if this text is a scam or legit one? Do you want to get the full details about this class action settlement? Continue reading for more details.

What is The Tmobile Settlement Text Scam

This is an unsolicited text  about a class action settlement against T-Mobile US, Inc. and T-Mobile USA, Inc. relating to a data breach that T-Mobile announced on August 16, 2021 . The text directs its recipient to visit the T-mobilesettlement.com website to file a claim for T-mobile Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Case No. 4:21-md-03019-BCW

What is the Tmobile Settlement Text Lawsuit All about

The lawsuit is also known as T-mobile Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Case No. 4:21-md-03019-BCW). This lawsuit is for those whose information were compromised in the 2021 data breach accident that happened in T mobile. The attacker compromised the personal information of approximately 76 million U.S. consumers. The specific information accessed for each person included some combination of names, addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, dates of birth, social security number/tax identification number, and/or other government identification number including driver’s license number, account establish date, name of authorized user, phone number, IMSI, MSISDN, PIN, and personal unlock code. These lawsuits are known as In re: T-Mobile Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, MDL No. 3019, Case No. 4:21-md-03019-BCW. The consumers who sued are called the “Plaintiffs.” T-Mobile is the “Defendant.” 

How to know if you are in the settlement class

You are included in this Settlement as a Settlement Class Member if you are among the approximately 76 million U.S. residents identified by T-Mobile whose information was compromised in the T-Mobile Data Breach. Identified Class Members were notified of the proposed Settlement, so if you received a notice, you are a likely member of the Settlement Class.

What To Do To Receive A Payment From This Settlement

The only way to receive a payment from this Settlement is by submitting a timely and properly completed Claim Form that obtains approval from the Settlement Administrator. You must submit your Claim Form online no later than Monday, January 23, 2023, or mail your completed paper Claim Form so that it is postmarked no later than January 23, 2023.

Unless you exclude yourself, you are automatically part of the Settlement. If you do nothing, you will not get a payment from this Settlement and you will give up the right to sue, continue to sue, or be part of another lawsuit against the Defendant related to the legal claims resolved by this Settlement.

How much would This Settlement Pay?

If the Settlement is approved by the Court, T-Mobile will pay $350,000,000 into a Settlement Fund to pay all valid claims submitted by the Settlement Class Members, as well as notice and administration expenses, attorneys’ fees and expenses, and service awards for the Settlement Class Representatives.


If you have questions about the Settlement, you may contact the Settlement Administrator through here. You can also contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-833-512-2314 or mail a letter to T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement (c/o Kroll Settlement Administration LLC, P.O. Box 225391), New York, NY 10150-5391, for more information.

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