December 5, 2022

Theorcs Reviews 2022: Scam Or Legit? Find Out More!

Have you heard of Theorcs Nft? Do you intend investing in Read this review to find out more about Theorcs.

What is

THE ORCS is a collection of 8888 unique hand-drawn Orcs with 500+ attributes living on Solana Blockchain. Reviews 2022: Is This A Sc...

Each artwork is original, highly detailed, and carries a piece of our own artist. Our artist is obsessed with fantasy-themed
ideas and his imagination simply exceeds any praise. Each Orc is unique and holding one or more grants you access to many privileges and rewards.

How does theorcs work:

In theorcs, you have to play in order to earn a trading card game. To do this you need to collect NFT and tokens in order to unlock rewards. You will have the option of fighting alone or fighting with a team during the scheduled battles and contests with prizes.
You have to Connect your Phantom wallet and enter the game, then you Choose your Orc and also pick your choice battle mode, you would then be able to access the lair and check your Orcs collection.

More about the Orcs

All Orcs are equal, but some Orcs are stronger than others. That’s why they established a Rarity Chart system to tell which of the Holders are likely to achieve greatness.

There are 500+ total Attributes in the OrcLand and these have been categorized into a tier-based system. Attributes are grade from «Common» all the way through to «Legendary» and each grade has a corresponding % chance of being minted. All of the Attributes and their rarity % can be viewed on our separate page. Click the button below to check them out.

Crazy about money. They do all sorts of operations with numbers in their head. They created the perfect financial system for an underground Orc colony and imposed taxes on beards.

22 Legendary Orcs will be minted randomly, any Holders will get $500 monthly for one year in $ORCS Tokens!
Scheduled initial price of $0.2, this equates to 2,500 $ORCS Tokens. But that’s not all.
Each of them has privileges and rewards. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

The Holder of the ORC ELON MUSK will get the keys to a Tesla Plaid
The Holder of the ORC SOL WHALE with the symbols of SOL will receive 100 SOL
The Holder of the ORC ETH WHALE with the symbols of ETH will receive 1 ETH
The Holder of the ORC BTC WHALE with the symbols of BTC will receive 0.1 BTC. Other privileges and rewards will be revealed later.

Theorcs Social networks

THE ORCS Social Networks






Is theorcs legit?

Not much is known about theorcs. before investing, please do your due diligence, by conducting a thorough research. To learn about other crypto- currencies we have reviewed, click Here.

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