November 30, 2023
humansofthemetaverse and Everything Needed to Understand the Metaverse: 2022

Do you want to understand the metaverse? Do you want to know what Humans Of the Metaverse is all about? Great! You’re at the right place. Read this article to know more about

What is

Humans of the Metaverse is a collection of 10,000 unique Meta Humans NFTs, stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. They have successfully created the MetaCity, a decentralized web3 city where the citizens are able to interact with the city in various ways: bank (DAO), academy, museum, mall, purchase land.

What is the Metacity?

The MetaCity is a metaverse-type project that aims to constitute the basis of how marketing, collaborations and exploring are done within the NFT space, while also providing value to its holders. It is a fully integrated Web3 ecosystem where Humans of the Metaverse holders will be able to spend $HOTM (the proprietary ERC-20 token) in a constantly increasing number of ways, providing long-term value and utility to holders as the city grows.

The ERC-20 token that governs the economy of the whole ecosystem. All interactions with the MetaCity and all the features it provides will be done based on $HOTM, thus providing long term value and utility for the token.

$HOTM started generating 12th December, 2021, and was implemented as a passive staking model.  This means that Humans will NOT need to be sent to a different wallet in order to earn $HOTM.  Holders will be able to claim the revenues associated with their NFTs directly from the website. This means that they will be able to accumulate $HOTM earned from multiple Human NFTs at the same time.  The reasons they opted for a passive staking model and not an active one are, to Save holders gas fees, abide by regulations and rules set by secondary exchanges, to allow for more complex interactions with buildings in the future.

A never-ending city that provides utility in a fun and engaging way for the holders. A place for other NFT projects to build and create communities.

Features of the

The NFT space has evolved and expanded since its early beginning, with increasingly creative elements of utility and value being provided to holders. believes that art has to be one-of-a-kind in this space, they also strive to provide unique, gamified, long-lasting value for their holders.

The Metacity consists Lands, Real Estate, Arts, and a Metabank.

Real Estate

A never-ending city that provides utility in a fun and engaging way for the holders. A place for other NFT projects to build and create communities.


Even though NFTs are considered investment assets, art are also one of the primary sources of interest within this space. The MetaCity Museum serves as a launch-pad for highly talented artists to make a name for themselves


One of the most important buildings in the MetaCity is the MetaBank. The Metacity Bank DAO serve as the source for charitable donations, funding new developers and artists, and a lot more.

The MetaBank has been funded with 10% of initial public sale and is filled with 50% of all secondary sale royalties.

MetaBank serves as the Finance Center where all of the $HOTM are stored and where each human will be able to see their $HOTM balance.


The Metacity is run by the humans, for the humans. The DAO will be a democracy- the community will help determine and guide the direction of the team’s development plans, partnerships, and expenditures.

The Council members will have a big decision-making role. Their votes together with the community will determine the direction of the future integrations.

The right to vote in the DAO as a council member is applicable to one per wallet. This will control the fight for power.

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