Shein $750 Scam: Beware Of This Fake $750 Reward Shein Program

Have you heard an ad on the radio for Shein $750 saying you can earn $750 just by taking part in surveys? Do you want to find out if it is a scam? The Shein $750 is actually a scam and this review would tell you how this scam operates and why you should not even bother with it.

What is Shein $750 Scam?

Shein $750 Scam

Shein $750 Scam is a scam preying on shoppers and offering $750 in Cash App rewards for free. It has surveys which it has instructed users to complete before they can win the money.  Attempts to access from the US result in a series of redirects. Initially, users are taken to “,” followed by another redirect to “” Such multiple redirects are frequently associated with deceptive practices, which raises a red flag.

How The Shein $750 Scam Works

On the website users are redirected over and over again till they finally land on the website and are asked to complete twenty deals in order to claim $750 to their Shein account or complete 25 deals to claim $1000. According to the website, You can typically complete all of the required sponsored Deals within 5-7 days (some may take up to 60 days to complete). Once you complete the required number of Deals, you must complete the Reward claims process, which requires ID verification. It typically takes our customer service team 5-7 days to verify and deliver your Reward.

In essence users are asked to complete 25 Deals to claim a $1000 Reward or complete fewer to claim a lesser value Reward. For example: to claim a $5 Reward, complete one Deal from level2 1 and one Deal from level 2 for a total of 2 Deals. However these are all fake promises as after everything users never get paid.

What You Get When You Get To The Website

After being redirected over and over again, you finally land on the website where you are asked these questions:

  • Do you Use Cash?
  • How do you plan to use your $750 cash
  • How many times do you go shopping in a week?

After answering these questions you would be asked to fill in your personal information,  which they will then use to possibly impersonate you. You would also start receiving spam promotional emails from them

Is Shein $750 Scam or legit?

It is a scam website, just like, March Cash 33 , Cashapp22 and Appcash55 ,Beware!. Users have left reviews online that it is a scam website.

Why You Should Avoid The Shein $750

Here are some red flags to consider and also why you should avoid the viral Shein $750 Scam

Promising High Rewards for Little Effort:

Sites that promise substantial rewards, such as $750, for completing simple tasks or deals often raise suspicion. Such offers are often used to lure individuals into scams.

Impersonation of Legitimate Services:

If this website is pretending to be associated with Cash App but is not an official platform, it could be an attempt to deceive users into providing personal or financial information.

Lack of Transparency

The Workatshein site lacks transparency in terms of ownership, contact information, or physical addresses. Legitimate businesses typically provide this information.

It has been Modelled after Fake $750 Cash Reward Sites:

The website of the Shein $750 Scam is same as Marchcash33, January Cash 23, These are similar scam cash survey sites. Scam sites that are created every month by scammers.


Shein $750 Scam is not trustworthy website, and does not give any free cash as there is no way a website would be willing to part with such amount of money. Beware and avoid such websites.

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