Pro Power Save Review: Gadget Debut or Debunk?

We have been having different household power savers brandished to us all over the place on social media platforms as well as on the internet itself through articulated posts and incessant pop-up ads. Ranging from Trustpower to Ecowatt to Powervolt, the list goes on and on across various brands on the market giving rise to tons of complaints about these gadgets being hogwash. Is this truly a groundbreaking sensation or just another sham? This read clears the air.

What is Pro Power Save?

The Pro Power Save is a handy gadget that is claimed to reduce excess power and electricity charge consumption. It is said to have a distinctive effect on electricity bills by up to a maximized percent according to its advertisers with its utilization varying across residences, workplaces and any sort of housing incorporated with electricity consumption.

How does the Pro Power Save Do Its Magic?

Now before we fully digest the dynamics of the Power Pro Save, we need to be apprised of sine waves first.

Sine Waves: Sine waves are mechanically generated waves with a special feature of being easily converted from high voltage(powerhouses) sources to low voltage sources(our homes). This makes it the vital component of our powerhouses which produces pure sine waves that are converted to get to our homes and other places of electricity usage for better optimization. Now, it is to be noted that our appliances run of pure sine waves combined with other waves eventually at gradient frequencies and amplitudes which creates so much noise(dirty waves) on the sine wave which in turn, churns up more power and energy leading to outrageous consumption spikes.

A Pro Power Save therefore, brings the noise disturbances down a notch, keeping the sine wave pristine and power consumption in check.

Pros of Pro Power Save?

  • Improvement of power usage quality.
  • Your appliances have longer shelf-life as a reward.

Cons of Pro Power Save?

  • It does not cut down your supposed electricity bill or amount in any way as claimed.
  • It can lead to voltage increase which can be extremely hazardous(this is due to nested capacitors in the product).
  • Most of the time, it makes some appliances run on slower lower voltage than they were designed to, which causes them to heat up badly.


As a cutting-edge debut gadget of a few years now, it aids power consumption quality as aforesaid if connected and manned properly in homes and other places of use. It gets rid of “dirty waves(noise)”.


Marketers and Advertisers of this product deludingly exaggerate its function to their advantage by giving false hopes of electricity bills reduction which it has no business with at all as the gadget doesn’t even have the capability to control the whole nine yards most of the time as appraised.


As much as a masterpiece the Pro Power Save has been claimed to be, usage at home for interested customers would require more than one of the product per room area alongside proper management and for customers who keep hoping to maneuver their bills can incorporate power strips and be on the keen lookout for idle appliances to be put off so that power load can be minimized instead of sitting duck for marketing head-games. This is to say in a nutshell, that the Pro Power Save is not entirely a hoax as much as the messiah it has been flourished to be; if you weigh the pros and cons in full cognizance of the gadget’s competence, you can make proper decisions on whether to purchase or not.

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