Free Robux Free Robux has been the widespread talk on the internet on getting a generous amount of free robux for a while now. A lot of people have been grateful for the serendipitous site and a few have tagged it a travesty. Are you in dire need of free robux and want to try out Then, here is what you need to know about it.

What is a Robux?

A Robux is an in-game virtual currency of the Roblox game universe. On Roblox, robux is used to purchase several items and accessories in the game for your avatar such as outfits, boosters as well as the desirable game passes. Robux are purchased with real money using debit cards, credit cards, Paypal or customized Roblox credit(gift cards). There’s also the premium package which comes with its premium indulgence of making bespoke outfits and accessories with templates, playing premium mini-games with special access doors and the ability to trade limited edition items for more robux. Robux can be bought in packs of 400, 800 and even 10000 with the rate of 1 Robux costing 0.35cents. Robux isn’t a necessity for fun on Roblox but just a cool extra to spice things up; games can still be played on the tough road(default mode) and robux earned as incorporated and designed by the game already.

What is Free Robux? is a US-based online website tendering free robux for one-month old Roblox clients at no cost at all. Without password input, 500 to 10000 free robux can be earned by merely entering your username and following the prompts. Grantees of these free robux are seen advertised on the website as well. The website is said to be protected by an SSL certificate making it easily navigable on any device of choice. It is also claimed to be listed on green light Google browsing status as safe and most times comes with promo codes.

How to get Free Robux on is quite user-friendly for interested customers:

  • Type in your Roblox username.
  • It connects with the Roblox servers.
  • It checks for compatibility with your phone device.
  • It checks for your username in the Roblox database.
  • It prepares your special Roblox mystery box.
  • Then a prompt pops up requesting you tap on the mystery box.
  • You claim the reward(any amount of robux has been awarded to you).
  • Next, a website traffic message is displayed on screen with Anti-bot system enabled asking you to follow more prompts so your reward finally gets to you.
  • You are asked to download two free game apps from a list given which 30secs each usage is required before the process is finally complete.

Is the site a hoax?

You can make careful deductions from these discoveries about which we were able to research:

  • The website’s domain is still novel.
  • Any username typed in goes through.
  • One cannot be entirely certain about the advertised reviews of the claimants.
  • Even with its SSL certificate, it conflicts on desktops making it only mobile phone adapted.
  • When checked on, it had low score ratings indicating high spam risk rate.

Are there other Free Robux Options?

Asides from the straightforward means of buying Robux with your money, you could try joining a group and doing quests which can land you robux as rewards, building mini games and inviting new users to it and if you have game passes for sale, then that puts you on the top-dog table.


Tons of Roblox Youtubers have claimed to be winners of this unanticipated website and only a few have given complaints about but there are still bouts of skepticism concerning the website due to its compliance with fake logins and fabricated Roblox usernames; furthermore, charge payments are requested for game downloads that were said to be free.

With this, you can choose to buy your robux or try out the other options as listed above if does not make the cut for you.

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