PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra Reviews- Good Enough?

PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra

Heard of PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra? Do you desire shaping and powerful lifting bra? If yes, let’s read reviews to find out everything about this product whether to shop or not.

In this post, you are assured of getting an opener on the product. Let’s read.

About PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra

The PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra is a brand of bra specifying to push arm and fat back into your breasts as well as helping your muscles return to their proper position for a slimming effect. It comes with a zipper closure and elastic fibers.

With the PrettyHealth Lymphvity shaping bra, it promises to reduce fat gain and stop sagging of the breasts. It is suitable for women.

Inasmuch as the product appears legit, this review is for you to know if the product is worth buying or not. More so, this review will expose all that is needed to know about this product.


  • Elastic materials
  • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • Breathable
  • Variety of colors
  • Suitable for women

What Makes Bras Supportive?

Most of the support comes from the back band rather than the cups or wires, so if your bra fits you well (get in touch or check out our bra fitting guide if you’re not sure) it will provide support. The level of coverage and the type of fabric also makes a difference to how supportive your bra is.

Benefits of PrettyHealth Lymphvity

  • It reduce body waste and excess fat
  • Accelerate metabolism and lymphatic drainage
  • Boosts blood flow & circulation
  • Relieve chronic inflammation
  •  Firm up breasts and make them bigger
  • Suitable for all body types


  • Negative feedbacks detected online
  • False body waste and excess fat claim

Does PrettyHealth Lymphatic Bra Work?

PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra claims to speed up lymphatic drainage and remove cellular waste. In all its presentations, the product has gathered negative customers’ feedbacks on Amazon with some shoppers showing dissatisfaction on its false advertisement. See yourself —

Doesnt say what they are supposed to do one wash and they fell apart


Just so you are aware, external reviews are based on real experiences that help in learning about the product before shopping.

Concluding Thoughts:

Lymph Bra claims to remove body waste and excess fat, while stopping sagging breasts. Considering the PrettyHealth shaping bra, it can be used by women. However, buyers should not place high expectation on the product. To this end, we would advise buyers to research thoroughly to avoid purchasing fake Lymph Bra online.

Have you purchased this product before? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below. Thank you!

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1 thought on “PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification And Shaping Bra Reviews- Good Enough?”

  1. It was a waste of money….I bought 4, based on the sizes shown (I am a 36D) so I ordered a 3X. I could not get my girls into the bra! It cut into my underarm and since the straps are no adjustable it was painful to even put on. Both cups are barely 16″ from left to right. My breast (1) is 14″ from center to side of underarm. Have been trying to return with no success.


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