Micro Touch Titanium Head Shaver Reviews Is Worth The Hype?

Are you tired of experiencing cuts, nicks and bumps after shaving? Not a good one to imagine! Heard of Micro touch titanium head shaver product? Attention readers! Let’s reveal some real truth for you about this head shaver. This review is for you to know all about this product whether to shop or not.

Micro touch titanium head shaver

In this post, you are assured of getting earnest review on this product. Kindly read to the end and share any complaint in the comment section.

What is Micro touch titanium head shaver?

The Micro touch titanium head shaver openly presents to be the faster, easier, safer way to shave your way. It comes with a five independent floating heads. In the product’s words, the five rotary heads forged from stainless steel, and bonded with titanium contour independently over the natural curvature of your head.

The product promises to give you comfort on every surface and curve with its easy-grip design.

While the product appears helpful and trustworthy, this review is for you to know if the product is worth buying or not. More so, this review will expose all that is needed to know about this product.

Take a look at other details—

How To Use It

The Micro touch titanium head shaver can be easily used like every other head shaver. Slide the shaver towards the grain of your hair, shave the top of your head from back to front, and shave the back of your head last.

Good Sides of Micro touch titanium head shaver

  • It can cover five times the area of a razor
  • Perfect control with an easy-grip handle
  • Rechargeable with lithium-ion power
  • The shaver is hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin
  • No risk of nicks, cuts, or bumps


  • It is not suitable for longer hair
  • Users cannot use on wet shaving
  • Pretty expensive

Micro touch titanium head shaver : Does It Really Work?

Micro touch titanium head shaver is a product promising to achieve a smooth and clean-shaven head. In all its presentations, the product seems to bring comfort to many with its easy to use 5 rotary heads. On the website, it has shared some positive customers’ remarks on the product. Checking further on external sites, the head shaver has gathered some good feedbacks as well. Take a look yourself —

I purchased this Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver for my balding husband. He absolutely loves it!!! He was so happy to go from shaving with a razor in the shower every morning for 5 minutes to shaving with this in under 2 minutes whenever he needs to shave. My husband said it was a game changer that he was not expecting!!! This Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver paid for itself quickly since he does not need to buy razors anymore!! He said it’s easy to hold and it leaves a clean close shave without any pinching or nicks!! He also said its easy to charge and takes up no space for travel. Definitely a great purchase!


Works well, takes a bit longer to shave than razor, but no nicks and no shaving cream makes it worth it.

As an electric head shaver it is one of the better ones , good setup so it’s durable and easy to clean


Where To Buy Micro touch titanium head shaver?

The product can be shopped directly through their official site Getheadshaver.com as well as third party sites. The web offer allows you to purchase the Micro Touch Titanium Head Shaver for only 2 payments of $29.99 plus shipping and handling charges.


Micro Touch Titanium Head Shaver is a shaving tool promising safer way to shave the hair with no bumps or cuts. Considering the product, it can be used by consumers who care for their grooming. However, we would advise buyers to research thoroughly to avoid purchasing fake head-shaver device.

Have you purchased this product? Does it go well with you too? Please share your experience in the comment section below. Thank you!

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  1. Received it for Father’s Day, according to the box it can be used wet or dry, used it in the shower a few times and it has already quit working. Spend the extra money and buy something better


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