December 5, 2022

Jurassic Nodes Reviews 2022: Find Out more!

Have you heard of Jurassic Nodes? Do you intend investing in Read this review to find out more about Jurassic Nodes.

What is Jurassic Nodes

Jurassic Nodes is a new protocol on the Avalanche ecosystem. The price of a node is 20 $DINO with daily rewards of 1 $DINO, or 5% a day.

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How does Jurassic nodes work:

Keep in mind: if the price of the token doubles after its creation, you will only need 10 days instead of 20 to get your investment back.
The creation of nodes will allow you to get passive income for LIFE.

More about the Jurassic nodes

The main goal is to create a system that has a perfect balance between rewards and price stability for a sustainable tokenomics. To do so, they have studied different node projects that have launched in the past months to get the maximum information and knowledge on it.

The observation is clear : Taxes need to be installed to reduce the selling pressure. These taxes will enable the protocol to gather funds for the LP, the reward pool, and the treasury. This makes the entire system more sustainable in the long run and encourages users to create nodes to enjoy lifetime returns rather than pump and dump on the token. A long-term vision is the key to a node protocol success.

To reward their most loyal members, they have put into place two different type of nodes :The Diplodocus egg at the price of 20 $DINO with a daily return of 5% , the T-REX egg at the price of 20 Diplodocus egg + 20 $DINO for a daily return of 5%. The difference between these two is the claim tax is at 15%, by upgrading your nodes to T-REX nodes, this tax reduces to 10%.Quick Math: 5% of additional rewards in the long run, that can make a huge difference.

Supply details

50 000 tokens for the team, no token sale in the first 21 days. Then possibility to sell if the LP and the price of the token is suitable. Maximum sale of 2 000 tokens per day per member.

Sell tax

  • 20% sell tax on the first day
  • 15% sell tax on the second day
  • 10% sell tax on the third day
  • 5% permanent

This regressive tax will reduce the number of bots and of quick flippers in the first days. We want to focus on the “ smartest guys ” that will create the nodes and enjoy a passive income for life.

Claim Tax

15% tax each time you claim your rewards. Why? To reduce the selling pressure and favorize the creation of new nodes.

Launch details

Initial LP: $10 000 in AVAX / 250 000 $DINO = $ 20 000 in total

Launch price : $0.04 Max Buy : 1250 $DINO

Max Wallet : 3750 $DINO Transfer tax : 40% The goal is to avoid bots and whales.

Is jurassic nodes legit?

Not much is known about . before investing, please do your due diligence, by conducting a thorough research. To learn about other crypto- currencies we have reviewed, click Here.

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