Beware Of The Google Voice Verification Code Scam!

There is a Google Voice Verification Code Scam going on currently and so many people are falling victims to this scam? Do you want to know more about this scam and how to prevent yourself from falling to it and also protect yourself? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about the Google Voice Verification Code Scam.

What is Google Voice Verification Code Scam

Google Voice Verification Code Scam is the recent scam that scammers are using to try to steal and access people’s personal information and even steal their identities.

Google Voice is a useful service provided by Google that generates a virtual phone number that is used to send and receive calls and texts. Each Google Voice number must be linked to an actual phone number, so usage and activity are tied to the specific user. In the Google Voice Scam, scammers are using existing phone numbers, random phone numbers to create a Google Voice in order to perpetrate phone scams and also gain access to Google accounts.

How The Scammers Conduct The Google Voice Verification Code Scam

Often times the scammers make use of platforms where People must have dropped their numbers, platforms such as Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace etc. Lets say someone lists a product for sale, and drops their number online, these scammers in a guise of trying to buy what the person is selling asks the seller to send a Google authentication code to verify they are a real person.

However what this code does is that it allows the scammer to link a Google Voice number with the seller’s actual phone number and possibly access other accounts and information.  This is a risky and tricky scam, so we urge everyone to be careful and do not send any code to anybody!

How The Google Voice Verification Code Scam Works:

  • You place your telephone number out in public somewhere, maybe on an ad, or a dating website.  The two most common examples of this are Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Some scammer contacts you via text or email about your ad.  They lie to you, telling you that they need you to prove you are not a Bot, or a genuine seller, and that they are using a special phone service that requires that you give them the six-digit code number that will be sent to you as a text message you will receive from Google.
  • However the scammer is, in reality, going through the Google Voice setup process.  They tell Google Voice to send a verification text message to your personal number, and then the text message supplies the code, along with a warning to not share the code with anyone.  Somehow, you ignore that warning and give the scammer the code number. When you do that, THEY, not you, are issued a Google Voice number, using your personal number as the forwarding number for their account.

What You Can Do If You Fall Victim To The Google Voice Verification Code Scam

  • In this case the scammer has already removed your personal phone number.  You can however regain your number by visiting

How to prevent being Scammed?

If you can help it, avoid providing your number in the public, especially any number linked to your google accounts. You should also never give out any verification or authentication code, once anyone asks you for this, just know that they are a SCAM! These codes should only be used between you and the service or company that generates them, and will usually only be provided to a webpage or an app rather than to a real person.

There is an ongoing conversation about this Google voice scam on Reddit and Google Support.

When you get such calls or email. Ensure it is coming from a company mail and not @gmail, @yahoo, @aol and the likes. If it is a number, pen the number down and ask the company they are representing , its far better to even drop the call without engaging them. Don’t click any links on the email and don’t reply as well. Check for reviews online about the company to ascertain its legitimacy. If it involves PayPal, then checkout how to report here. And always ensure you don’t disclose personal details like credit card details, social security details and personal ids. You can also download spam call blocking apps on your phone.


To be on the safer side, do not follow the scam page or click on any link as these are scammers who are looking for ways to steal your personal and financial information.

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