Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Scam 2024: Beware Nordstrom Is Not Giving Out Coach Bags!!

Did you see a sponsored ad on either Facebook, Instagram, Messenger saying that Coach is giving away bags? Do you want to find out if it is scam or legit ? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam.

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What is Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam

  The Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam is a scam sponsored ads that scammers are sending to random people with a link to a phishing website. The ad claims that Coach is giving away handbags that they could not sell and asking you to clink on a link to answer questions so as to qualify for the giveaway, The link provided is the, redirects to a fake Nordstrom Wholesale website that promises free Coach handbags. But in reality, it’s a hidden subscription scam that can end up costing you a lot of money, and it involves

Please do not do any of this as when you do they would steal  personal/credit card info to make unauthorized purchases in your name.

How The Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam Works

The Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam Works by taking users to a fake article that claims you can get a Coach handbag when you answer four questions and also pay $9.95 or $9.96 for shipping. However, what’s not made clear is that you’re enrolling in a trial program that will charge you $89.95 after five days, then $89.95 every 30 days after that. This is an example of what is called a hidden subscription scam that preys on users who don’t read the hand writing on the wall. In the case of this ad for fake Yet cooler giveaway that claims you already won, you did not win anything. It is just a scam.

Another example of this kind of scam is the Rachael Ray Le Creuset AI VOICE Scam that made its rounds in April 2023, and it was not an official giveaway, contest, or promotion from either company. It was being sent by scammers.

So many people have left complaints online about this ongoing scam, there is also an ongoing conversation on Reddit about this type of scam. Other people have also left reviews online about this scam.

Some Of the Way the scam works is by:

  • Using AI Generated videos and voice of celebrities.
  • It also convinces social media users with fake reviews.
  • It makes you pay a subscription membership.

How To Protect Yourself From Giveaway Scams:

Protecting yourself from giveaway scams involves being vigilant and following some best practices to ensure your personal information and financial security. Here are some tips:

  1. Verify Legitimacy:
    • Check the official website and social media accounts of the person or company hosting the giveaway. Ensure that the information matches what is being presented in the giveaway.
  2. Be Skeptical of Too-Good-to-Be-True Offers:
    • If a giveaway seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often use extravagant prizes to lure people into providing personal information.
  3. Check for Official Communication:
    • Legitimate giveaways are often announced through official channels. Be wary of unsolicited emails, messages, or social media notifications claiming you’ve won a prize.
  4. Research the Source:
    • Do a quick online search to see if there are any reports of scams associated with the giveaway or the individuals/brands involved. Online communities and forums can be valuable resources for this.
  5. Avoid Providing Sensitive Information:
    • Legitimate giveaways rarely ask for sensitive information like your social security number or financial details. Be cautious about providing such information.
  6. Use Strong, Unique Passwords:
    • If the giveaway involves creating an account or logging in, use a strong, unique password. Avoid using the same password across multiple accounts.
  7. Keep Software Updated:
    • Ensure that your computer, antivirus software, and browser are up-to-date. Updated software often includes security patches that protect against vulnerabilities.
  8. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):
    • If applicable, enable two-factor authentication for your accounts. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification.
  9. Educate Yourself:
    • Stay informed about common online scams and phishing tactics. Knowing what to look for can help you recognize and avoid potential threats.
  10. Use Reputable Websites:
    • If the giveaway involves visiting a website or downloading something, make sure it is a reputable site. Avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  11. Trust Your Instincts:
    • If something feels off or raises suspicions, trust your instincts and proceed with caution. It’s better to miss out on a potential prize than to fall victim to a scam.

Remember, scammers continually come up with new tactics, so it’s important to stay vigilant and adapt to changing circumstances. If you’re ever in doubt about the legitimacy of a giveaway, contact the official sources directly to verify the information.

How to prevent being Scammed?

When you get such calls or email. Ensure it is coming from a company mail and not @gmail, @yahoo, @aol and the likes. If it is a number, pen the number down and ask the company they are representing , its far better to even drop the call without engaging them. Don’t click any links on the email and don’t reply as well. Check for reviews online about the company to ascertain its legitimacy. If it involves PayPal, then checkout how to report here. And always ensure you don’t disclose personal details like credit card details, social security details and personal ids. You can also download spam call blocking apps on your phone.


From the foregoing it is clear that the Free Coach Handbag Nordstrom Giveaway Scam is a phishing scam. To be on the safer side, do not follow the scam page or click on any link as these are scammers who are looking for ways to steal your personal and financial information.

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