American Hope Resources Scam 2022: Why You Should Beware Of This Organization!

Have you heard of American Hope Resources and want to find out more about it? Read this review to find out details about this scam.

What Is American Hope Resources

American Hope Resources (AHR) is an organization that claims to empower Hardship Victims and their growing families to connect with other Hardship Victims in a completely refreshing & unique way socially. They may also find opportunities and information on how to increase their household incomes, receive access to programs for their children and themselves, along with other hardship programs exclusive to its members. AHR is available for all Hardship Victims, male or female.

According to the website, AHR campaigns to achieve equality of opportunities for Hardship Victims across the nation regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender, or religion. AHR is concerned with promoting the welfare and social and economic development of hardship victims and their households. 

The eligibility requirements for American Hope Resources are simple:

You MUST be Experiencing Financial Hardship
You MUST be a Resident of the United States

However this American Hope Resources is a scam and so many people have testified to it being a scam, what they do is send you to survey after survey till you get to the point where you either have no choice to accept one or exit out of the browser, and if you stay they will try to charge you. They also go about hacking into peoples social media account and sending messages to their friends and families and when you fall victim, they make you give out your personal and financial information.

Some times when they hack into their victims Facebook account, they contact their friends and try to get them to apply for grants, you are then linked to an agent who tries to ask you personal questions and also hack your account.

So many victims have left complaints on Trustpilot, BBB and theres also a conversation ongoing on Reddit about this scam called American Hope Resources.

I’ve been scammed and feel so foolish for falling for this. I got a text from my stepmother, but I was being catfish. I regret not calling her to verify. 


I was wondering why someone that I thought I was friends with on Facebook was asking me to friend her again. On messenger she said hello then she asked me if I knew about her astonishing news. When I said no, she went on about this AHR and that she got $100,000 free.

She didn’t have to pay it back. She gave me a link to download and follow. I couldn’t believe this was true. She kept checking with me every few minutes to see if I contacted this Dave Hayes. Then she sent me a phone number and said that I had to call right away. She said there were people to answer calls 24/7. This just didn’t sound like my friend, so I googled this AHR


My friend’s identity was stolen from Facebook and used to contact me and tried to recruit me to apply for a grant,since she had received over $100,000 and didn’t have to pay it back,I was then linked to an agent who asked for lots of personal information.
Realising it was a scam I discontinued the conversation and deleted the contact and informed my friend that her Facebook identity had been stolen



In as much as times are hard, we must all be extra careful so as not to fall to these scams spring up everyday. From the foregoing it is quite clear that the American Hope Resources is a scam organization, People should be wary of it.

I hope this helps!

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