February 25, 2024

Alan Wake 2 – Release Date, Platform and Trailer

Here’s everything we know about Alan Wake 2 game.

Alan Wake 2

One of the most anticipated and discussed horror titles for the past few years is Alan Awake 2. After the initial trailer announcement in 2021, the hype surrounding the game has skyrocketed due to regular updates from the developer and gossip made in Reddit forums. With only six months left of this year and promised release in 2023, Remedy Games have finally announced a release date for Alan Wake 2 during the Summer Game Fest of 2023, along with some gameplay footage.

Alan Wake 2 Release Date

Alan Wake 2 will be available to play on October 172023, on various platforms.


Alan Wake 2 will be released on the following platforms —

  • PC
  • Xbox X/S
  • PlayStation 4 and 5

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Details

Alan Wake 2 will not stick with the classic Action genre fitted with horror elements that the first game employed. It will instead switch to a full-on Survival Horror game. The creative director, Sam Lake, said switching genres will really allow them to better align the gameplay with the story.

Studying past games in the genre, we can somewhat predict that the main arc of the game will revolve around the connection between both characters, their relationship, and their strange visions shown in the trailer. 

Official Reveal Trailer

See trailer from Summer Game Fest —

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