January 27, 2024

33 Immortals: Release date, Platforms, Game pass

A small indie game that caught the attention of many viewers during the Xbox Showcase of 2023 is 33 Immortals. To read more about the title from Thunder Lotus, see article below.

33 Immortals

33 Immortals Release Date

33 Immortals will be available to play in 2024. We still need to wait for an official confirmation from Thunder Lotus Studios for the exact dates.

33 Immortals – Platform

33 Immortals will exclusively be available on Microsoft platforms like Microsoft Windows(PC) and Xbox X/S

33 Immortals Gameplay

The game supports up to 33 concurrent players. Unlike other multiplayer games, all 33 players can toggle the co-op mode and complete all the missions/quests in the campaign together. Players get into a mystical/magical universe and much save yourself from the wrath of the evil lord by taking him down with the help of your co-op party.

Will 33 Immortals be available on Game Pass?

You can access and play 33 Immortals from day one if you have an active subscription to the Xbox Game Pass. Also, you can purchase the game individually from Windows Store.

33 Immortals Reveal Trailer

See the 33 Immortals gameplay from its reveal trailer –

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