I Bought The Wush Ear Cleaner: Here’s My Unbiased Review About It!

Do you want to buy Wush Ear Cleaner? Do you want to find out if Wush Ear Cleaner is worth your money? Read my unbiased review to find out if you should buy the Wush Ear Cleaner.

What is Wush Ear Cleaner?

Wush Ear Cleaner

Wush Ear Cleaner is a device that can be used to remove earwax. WUSH’s foldable nozzle connects to a soft, antimicrobial irrigation tip that fits comfortably in your ear. With the press of a button, WUSH generates a massaging tripe jet stream of water that gently removes wax build-up and flushes it away.

wush ear cleaner
Wush Ear Cleaner

Wush Ear Cleaner And How It Works?

According to the Wush website, Wush Ear Cleaner is water resistant and safe to use in the shower. It also comes with 6 safe silicone reusable tips which makes it safe for the whole family to use. The Wush ear cleaner makes it easy to keep your ears clean and to also avoid wax buildup in the ears.

Difference Between Wush Ear Cleaner And Cotton Swab

The Wush ear cleaner works by gently rinsing out wax with a gentle massaging triple spray of water, this is better that using a cotton swab that just aggravates issues by pushing in the wax.

Wush ear cleaner and how it works


  • It has a rechargeable Tri stream that removes dirt and wax build up.
  • It also has 3 water pressure settings that makes usage easier. The 1 and 2 settings are for regular cleaning, while the 3rd setting is for compacted wax.

Inasmuch as Wush Ear Cleaner looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if it lives up to its name, and this review would expose all that is needed to know about it

My Experience Using The Wush Ear Cleaner

I decided to order this Wush Ear Cleaner to see what the whole fuss was all about, and believe me, I wish I had listened to my instinct telling me not to waste my money, cos that was what I did, I wasted my money. Normally when bathing and water gets into my ears it makes me very uncomfortable, but I felt this would be a different case seeing it was made just for the removal of earwax but I was wrong, it did make me uncomfortable. After about one week of using it, it suddenly packed up, would not charge, would not switch on, etc. I just had to dispose it.

Does Wush Ear Cleaner Really work?

Sadly, it did not work for me, some customers have also gone on to say that it did not do anything for them except making them feel uncomfortable while others have left reviews that it worked for them.

A customer had this to say:

I really liked this product. I read that if your ears are impacted this device would clear them up after a few uses. I guess mine were worse because I had to have a Dr clear mine, so I am just using to maintain that. Also the bottom popped off after being dropped so I had to tape that back on to hold water. Other than that it seems to work pretty good.


I used to spend a bunch of money on a doctor’s visit and they would simply use a waterpik to clean my ears out. This does the exact same thing, and works great! You won’t believe some of the stuff that comes out of your ears!


How To Use The Wush Ear Cleaner

  • Fill the Wush Ear cleaner basin with water
  • Flip the nozzle, then spray. P.S Make sure you use warm water, as room temperature and cold water can cause dizziness. 
wush ear

Some Claimed Benefits

  • It is easy to control
  • It claims to be safe and effective
  • With its triple spray design, Water Is Directed Towards Walls Of Ear Canal To Loosen And Clear Ear Wax.
  • It is rechargeable as it comes with a Lithium Ion Battery Complete With USB Cable
  • it has 6 soft Reusable Irrigation Tips which Are Comfortable & Resistant To Bacteria.


  • It is quite expensive
  • There are negative reviews online about it making people uncomfortable, gets spoiled easily.


From the foregoing it is not really clear if the Wush ear cleaner is an authentic product as there are some negative reviews online about it, there are also positive reviews too. Click Here To read about other products we have reviewed.

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