Viori Shampoo Bars Reviews 2022: Scam Or Legit? Find Out!

Do you want to buy the Viori Shampoo Bars from Read this review to find out more about the Viori Shampoo Bars

What is Viori Shampoo Bars?

Viori Shampoo Bars is a shampoo that uses  ritually-prepared Longsheng rice water used by the Red Yao for centuries to take care of the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.  It Moisturizes, Strengthens, Regrows, Volumizes, Increases Natural Shine, Repairs, Reduces All Types of Scalp Irritation. Viori shampoo claims to be Safe & natural, 100% vegan, plastic-free, sustainable, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, pH balanced, ethically sourced. It also claims to provide a natural solution for those who are suffering from hair loss, they also claim to be paraben free.

Inasmuch as the Viori shampoo bars looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if the Viori Shampoo lives up to its name, and this review would expose all that is needed to know about this shampoo.

Does Viori Shampoo Really work?

The answer to this Question is not yet known, There are claims by some users that Viori shampoo bars actually works, whilst there are also reviews online that it does not work.

I would not recommend this product. It made me shed more hair than i normally do.


Loosing my hair. Smells nice and hair felt soft but I am loosing my hair. Tried to leave a review for the bar shampoo, because I am using both but the web page does not show. You can see by the picture, it’s bad. Today was my last time of using this product. The most things I regret is that I purchase a set for my son at the viore website, and he too lost a lot of hair.


I’ve been looking to reduce plastic after a beach vacation was ruined due to a plastic filled beach. Yeah. I realized bar soap was the answer in saving a huge amount of plastic that I use. Viori stood out to me because it’s safe for colored hair and grey hair, it supports a good cause and it’s just beautiful to look at. After one week my hair texture was beautiful, the shine amazing and I’m now losing only a fraction of the handful of hair that would fall out daily in the shower and my brush! I’m not going back to bottled shampoo ever again!


Try it, you will love it!

Some Features Of the Viori Shampoo Bars

  • It contains  Longsheng Rice, cocoa & shea butter, rice bran oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, aloe vera, bamboo, vitamin B8, vitamin B5, vitamin E.
  • Its Natural rice cosmetics will moisturize, strengthen, rejuvenate, renew, volumize, increase natural shine, repair, and gently cleanse hair and scalp.
  •  It has an amazing smell.
  • Lathers well
  • It is eco friendly.

Inasmuch as there are many positive reviews online about the Viori shampoo, there are also negative reviews.

 Having strong and healthy hair is a wish of every human being, and many would go to any length to achieve it. Despite the negative reviews, Viori shampoo bars is actually working for some people, as they get their desired results, but it also varies from person to person. For some, it works, and for others, it might not work. If you decide to buy the shampoo, you need to be patient and give the Viori shampoo bar sometime before waiting for instant results.


From every indications, it is clear that the Viori Shampoo bars has worked for some people and did not work for some, It simply varies from person to person. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is advised you see a dermatologist before using over the counter products on your scalp.

Do this If you have been Scammed!

Have you been Scammed? Here are some things to do if you’ve been scammed.

Contact your bank and and file complaints also request for a new debit card. If you used Paypal as a method of payment you should document the transactions for future purposes, you can do this by keeping a screenshot.

In as much as online shopping has made life easier and simpler, one ought to be careful when ordering things online to avoid the risk of a hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Before ordering things from an online store check out the following.

The website age, A return address, Customer Reviews and its social media presence.

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