February 24, 2024
U.S. Metals Refining Co.

U.S. Metals Refining Co. smelter site contamination $42M class action settlement 2023: Scam or Legit? Find Out!

Did you receive a notice from U.S. Metals Refining Co.? Did you receive a mail about a class action on the settlement to resolve claims about the U.S. Metals Refining Co. smelter site contamination $42M lawsuit? This review will help you partake in the class action settlement after confirming the authenticity of the mail.

What Is U.S. Metals Refining Co. smelter site contamination $42M Class Action Settlement?

The U.S. Metals Refining Co. (USMR) has agreed to a $42 million settlement to resolve allegations that properties around the former USMR Smelter Site in Carteret, New Jersey, were damaged by the release of lead, arsenic, and other contaminants from the historic operation of the site. The name of the case is Juan Duarte, et al. v. United States Metals Refining Co., et al., Case No.  2:17-cv-01624 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. 

What Is This Class Action All About?

USMR, a subsidiary of Freeport McMoRan Inc. since 2007, operated a smelter and other metal refining operations in Carteret from 1903 to 1986. The lawsuit claims properties in the surrounding area were damaged by the releases of lead, arsenic and other contaminants from the historic operation of the smelter site.

The plaintiffs allege the contamination has affected their property values and they now suffer fear of adverse health effects such as cancer as a result of the contaminants in the air and soil. 

The lawsuit also claims the manner in which USMR tested and remediated contaminants from the smelter was inadequate and has caused and continues to cause damage to properties in the area. There are more than 1,000 residents in the area who are eligible to make a claim under the settlement. 

Each qualified property owner is projected to receive an estimated $17,500 per eligible property. The portion of the per-property payment will be based on the duration of the claimant’s ownership during the period Jan. 30, 2017, through March 27, 2023.

To qualify for a payment, class members must send in a claim and release form and all required documentation by June 26, 2023. The forms are available to download or submit online.

Who Is Eligible?

The settlement benefits all current and former owners of residential property or vacant lots zoned for residential use that are bounded by Peter J. Sica Industrial Highway to the east, Romanowski Street to the North-East, Cypress Street to the north, Arthur and East Grant streets to the west, and Middlesex Avenue to the south. Eligible owners are those who owned their properties from Jan. 30, 2017, to March 27, 2023. This group includes residential properties on both sides of the boundary streets. 

If the settlement fund is not exhausted by the claims, USMR may be entitled to a reversion of unclaimed settlement funds, but this reversion will not exceed 30% of the fund minus fees and costs, the settlement says.

How To Be Part of This Settlement

For a class member to partake in this settlement,  class members must submit a valid claim form by June 26, 2023. The deadline for exclusion or objection is June 26, 2023. 

What Is The Pay For This Settlement?

The pay for this settlement is approximately $17,500 per property and the proof of purchase is the proof of ownership of properties included in the settlement. 


As you submit your claim to the settlement website CarteretSmelterSettlement.com, just like the Zonolite class action settlement we have reviewed, you’re doing so under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. The final approval hearing for the U.S. Metals settlement is scheduled for July 26, 2023.

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