May 24, 2022
Tosket-coin Reviews 2022: SCAM! Busted! Beware!!

Have you heard of Tosket-coin Trading? Have you being approached by someone on Discord telling you you won a giveaway? Do you want to know if it is scam or legit? Read this review to find out more about this scam website.

What is Tosket-coin

Tosket-coin located at is a scam website that claims to trade Crypto. It was created for people interested in crypto markets but had little knowledge about trading or how cryptocurrency works

The app claims to have been built around a proven-formula for winning trades & that all you need to do to begin profiting is simply make a deposit & then activate it.

However this Tosket-coin is a scam, it So it sends some btc to wallet by using a referral code on their exchange but in order to withdraw any bitcoin you are asked to deposit 0.015btc minimum. This screams FAKE.

The people behind these scams simply keep on launching new “systems” and “apps” under new names like Dotxbep, Dotxswap an attempt to escape the negative reviews so that they can continue tricking people into joining.

There is no doubt that that it is a scam as several people have left some negative reviews online calling it for what it is, A SCAM.

Scam Site. Same thing, chinese girl, added funds, made money, won’t let you withdrawl without paying them more money.



From the foregoing, it is clear that Tosket-coin Trading is a scam just like Dotxbep which we reviewed earlier, Investors should be wary of such sites as their aims are to rip off unsuspecting investors.

I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “ Reviews 2022: SCAM! Busted! Beware!!

  1. a mi me salio una china en instagram, dice que quiere ayudarme en mi situacion economica y me trajo a este sitio, ella trabaja con la criptomoneda usdt, hasta ahorita me ha demostrado que es genuino, alguien que le haya pasado lo mismo? cuenteme para evitar ser estafado

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