December 5, 2022

Teslacoin Reviews: Scam Or Legit? Find Out!

The Teslacoin is a new cryptocurrency that claims to have the backing of the US government and the Tesla Company. However it is a scam coin as there is currently no Tesla Coin cryptocurrency. It is a fake crytocurrency from various scam websites across Facebook, Twitter and google. They use facebook advertsing to show pictures of Elon Musk in order to pretend that Tesla has released a new cryptocurrency.

TeslaCoin platform is said to be programmed so that people can buy, sell and store the crypto. Although the platform boasts advanced trading features, the platform’s claim of earning up to $5100 appears to be overstated.

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Furthermore, the platform includes endorsements from Peter Theil and Richard Branson on its website, but there is no way to verify that these investors discussed the TeslaCoin. The name of the platform developers would have convinced more users to sign up on the site, even though the crypto sector is heavy on anonymity. And there is no evidence linking this coin to the Tesla Company owned by Elon.

Is Teslacoin worth buying?

You cannot invest invest in Tesla Coin because it does not exist. If you deposit your money into one of the offshore scammers sites connected wit these fake news scam campaigns, you will never see it again.

All of their images and ads are a lie.


There is no information about Tesla Coin at Tesla’s legitimate website at Before investing in anything regarding Tesla, please go to their legitimate website for information before doing so. Crypto-currency coin Scams are on the Rise as Popularity for Digital Currencies Continues to Increase

Teslacoin coin has been recognized as operating without a valid regulatory financial license and has therefore been flagged as a crypto scam.

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