Spider-Man 2 Voice Actors and Characters

Let’s take you on the list of all characters and voice actors in Spider-Man 2.

Voice Actors and Characters in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 Voice Actors and Characters

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)Yuri Lowenthal
Miles Morales (Spider-Man)Nadji Jeter
Mary Jane WatsonLaura Bailey
VenomTony Todd
LizardMark Whitten
Norman OsbornMark Rolston
Black CatErica Lindbeck
TaskmasterBrian Bloom
Harry OsbornGraham Phillips
Yuri WatanabeTara Platt
Hailey CooperNatasha Ofili
Kraven the HunterJim Pirri
J. Jonah JamesonDarin De Paul
Martin LiStephen Oyoung
Rio MoralesJacqueline Pinol
ProwlerIke Amadi
Ganke LeeGriffin Puatu
Additional voicesKrishna Kumar
Additional voices
Additional voices
Andrew Lee
Alex Feldman

Famous Voice Actors in Spider-Man 2 Characters

One of the most famous voice actors in Spider-Man 2 is Yuri Lowenthal, reprising his role of Peter Parker as expected. Lowenthal is in many video games, both as main or supporting characters and he has been the English voice of anime characters like Naruto’s Sasuke Uchiha. Nadji Jeter joins him as Miles Morales, who voiced him in both the video game and Disney’s animated Spider-Man TV show.

In the Spider-Man 2 supporting cast, another familiar face, or voice, is Laura Bailey as MJ. She’s best known as Abby in The Last of Us Part II. She is also a cast member of Critical Role, a famous D&D web series that even got an animated adaptation.

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