Signal Relief Patch Reviews: Does This Pain Patch Relief Really Work? Find Out!

Are you suffering from pain in any part of your body and want to buy the Signal Relief Patch? Does this Pain patch relief work in relieving pain? Do you want to find out if Signal Relief Patch is worth your money? Read this honest review to find out all you need to know about the Signal Relief Patch, how it works, its pros and cons.

What is Signal Relief Patch?

Signal Relief Patch

Signal Relief Patch is a pain relief patch that claims to reduce the impact of pain without any need for medications and treatment. It works on muscle, nerve, & joint pain. And when placed between your pain and the brain, the Signal Relief patch interrupts the pain cycle to provide drug-free relief.

According to the website, clinically proven way to reduce the impact of pain without the need for prescriptions, pills, ointments, or over-the-counter medications. It is also is made of medical-grade materials that are flexible, durable, and latex-free.

Signal Relief Patch

How Does The Signal Relief Patch Work ?

The Signal Relief Patch works by picking up pain signals from within the body, absorbing them into the patch before they can trigger a pain response from the brain – resulting in almost-immediate, long-lasting relief. ”Microscopic particles within the Signal Relief Patch act as an antenna to divert signals and interrupt the pain cycle. Unlike TENS units, lidocaine patches, or pills, nothing is put into your body with the use of the Signal Relief patch.”

Features And Specifications Of The Signal Relief Patch

  • It is reusable
  • It is also very easy to use.
  • It is drug-free and chemical-free.
  • It is made of medical-grade materials that are flexible, durable, and latex-free.
Signal Relief Patch

How To Use The Signal Relief Patch

The Signal Relief Patch is quite easy to use. all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • First locate the pain source, then place the patch in place on or slightly above the most intense point of pain.
  • The signal relief patch come with a latex-free adhesive, so use this to stick your Signal Relief Patch in place or tuck the patch inside a close-fitting article of clothing. 
  • If you have very sensitive skin, you can also place it on a thin fabric.

My Experience Using Signal Relief Patch. 

First of, I’ve always had this knee pain after falling off a ladder, I’ve tried so many pain relief medications without any relieving results. I came across the Signal Relief Patch online and decided to give it a try. I ordered the Signal Relief Patch from Amazon and it was delivered right on time. I started using immediately whilst following instructions. But honestly even while using it I didn’t expect it to work. But I was surprised to see that it actually did relieve the knee pains that I’ve been battling with for a while now. I don’t know if they work for everyone or for what kind of pain they will work. I’m grateful for this one blessing. Also  I had no problem with product application. Most people complained they do, Best to watch a video if one is available rather than stumble through getting it right.

Does Signal Relief Patch Really work?

Yes indeed it works!! It worked for me and there are a host of others that it did work for too and they have left reviews on Amazon too. Although some customers also said it did not work for them.

A customer had this to say:

I was willing to try anything to stop the pain from sciatica, I was tired of all the drugs just to be able to function from day to day ! I’d spoke to people who had surgery and they were still getting shot and or still going to pain clinics . I found Signal ! I found Signal !!!! Like Magic the pain is gone !!!!!!!!!.


I have all kinds of pain. I’ve tried it all – tens, physical therapy, & 4 years of oblivion on Narcotics (now clean, thank you.) Now I am getting shots in my lower spine to get from 2 weeks to 6 months of pain relief. It’s a crap-shoot.
My husband got me this for Christmas, AND IT WORKS. Both my hips and lower spine prevented me from standing or walking much. I would get bouts of sciatica. But once I READ THE MANUAL, I placed it over my spine, midway between my hips. Pulled my pants up, AND IT WAS ALREADY WORKING. Standing was not a problem, walking wasn’t either. I wear it 24/7 except bathing. I noticed it wasn’t quite as sticky, so I put A FEW DROPS of water from my finger, and rubbed it around. It GOT STICKY AGAIN. So I replaced it where it does me the most good. You can put it wherever the pain is on your body. It is SO THIN, it moves with you. Oh- I woke up one morning with an EVIL charlie horse in my calf from ankle to knee, excruciating pain! I peeled the Signal off, and put it in the middle back of my calf, and it calmed down IMMEDIATELY, and was gone inside of 5 minutes. I took it off, put it back on my lower spine, and massaged my calf. It felt like something had happened, just a vestige of ache in the core of the muscle.
So, yeah, if you have pain ruining your life, yes, it is a bit spendy, but as my Grandma would say, “It would be a bargain at twice the price.” Stop hurting. Signal will do it. I had relief 5 minutes after placement. It seems too good to be true, but I can stand and walk playing pool now. That’s a lot of steps around the table, and pain is the LAST thing on my mind.


How Long Does The Signal Relief Patch Last

You can use the Signal Relief Patch daily as it lasts long and it is also reusable, long lasting, affordable, drug-free. It is also  non-habit forming and does not put anything into your body. Many people experience the most relief after wearing the patch for 24-72 hours. For the best results, wear the patch overnight.

Signal Relief Patch Side Effects

The Signal Relief Patch has no side effects, it is not addictive, it is free from drug and chemicals.

Some Benefits Of The Signal Relief Patch

  • It Helps improve muscle mobility.
  • It claims that it Provides Relief for Pain and Fatigue
  • There are also claims that it Stimulates Muscles Tone and Definition


  • Complaints that the adhesive does not stick.


From the foregoing it is safe to say that the Signal Relief Patch works and relieves pain just as it claims. I have also reviewed other pain relief and massagers, example is the Kneecap Tourmaline.

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