Review: Fake HP Laptop Store Reviews: Laptop Tienda Club is a Scam store selling discounted HP laptops. This review exposes the drawbacks of this online store, and provides reason why is not a legit Laptop store.

This store claims the reason why their laptops are so cheap is because they work directly with manufacturers and buy in bulk and in large quantities.

DELIVERY- within 3-5 business days after receiving funds in our account.

PAYMENTS-  Accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.

REFUND POLICY- Accepts returns within 14 days from the purchase date

ADDRESS- la Constitución, 21, 28821 Coslada, Madrid

PHONE NUMBER- +34 633 28 35 70



Items are sold for discount rates, and a 26% off for HP stream. These cheap price of items are not found in the official HP store which is Furthermore, no known store sells for such low price.

Redflags of

Fake Address- The address provided by this store is a fake one. In reality, it belongs to a restaurant called GastroBar21 which is in Coslada Spain.

Super Cheap Prices– The price of laptops in this store are too good to be true, and in fact is not true. Even the official website of HP do not sell these laptops for such discounted prices.

Fake Customer Reviews- The reviews on are fake, and not from real customers. Google search image showed the pictures were gotten from the internet. In fact, many websites have use that same pictures.

Cloned Website- has copied the real website of HP. They have not provided any certificate to show that they have been authorized to use the HP brand. This store uses this popular brand to scam buyers.

Is Legit?

Absolutely NO. Though the store claims to accept VISA, Mastercard and Paypal, it only accepts transfer. This is weird and suspicious! why lie to the public about accepting Paypal?

Clearly, this store is out of bounds. It is not a safe place to buy HP Laptop, or anything!

VERDICT is a fake laptop online store. Customers are warned not to shop from this store as it is clearly not a legitimate e-commerce shop.

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