Update Scam Text From Rebook-update.com: Scam Evri Phishing Page

Did you receive an Update Scam Text claiming to be from Rebook-update.com but redirecting to a scam Evri Phishing Page saying that you need to sign up to rebook a new slot ? Do you want to find out if Update Text is a scam or legit? Read this review to find out why you should be wary of such text.

What is the Update Scam Text From Rebook-update.com

The scam text is been sent by scammers with a link to a phishing website. The scam text message claims that ”On the 20th of SEPT, no one was in to sign for (100057384GB), use rebook-update.com to rebook a new sIot”. However this is a scam text which scammers are sending, the page redirects to a scam Evri Phishing page.

The scam attempts to trick recipients into clicking the link in it by claiming they will get a gift. But, the link in the text scam goes to a phishing website that steals account credentials, personal and financial information.

.The spoofing links often times contains viruses, spywares, malwares, which are harmful to devices and can hack and destroy a device.

There is an ongoing conversation about this scam text on Reddit.

The best thing you can do when receiving a text like this is to block the sender and delete it.

You may also get other similar texts as they come in various form, it is in your own best interest that you don’t click on it, simply delete it and inform others so they don’t fall victim. The goal here is to lure unsuspecting victims to click on the link that takes them to a phishing website where their personal information is then taken and used fraudulently.

What To Do To Protect Yourself From These Type Of Scams

  • Do Not Click on Links: Avoid clicking on any links in the text message. Clicking on suspicious links can lead you to phishing websites or download malware to your device.
  • Check the Sender: Examine the sender’s information. Legitimate USPS messages usually come from official USPS email addresses or phone numbers. Be cautious if the sender’s information looks suspicious or doesn’t match USPS’s official contact details.
  • Look for Red Flags: Pay attention to any red flags in the message. These can include poor grammar and spelling, urgent or threatening language, and requests for personal or financial information.
  • Verify with USPS: If you suspect the message is a scam, contact USPS directly through their official website or customer service number. They can confirm whether the message is legitimate or a scam.
  • Report the Scam: Report the suspicious text message to your mobile carrier. Most carriers have mechanisms in place to report spam or phishing messages.
  • Delete the Message: After reporting it, delete the message to avoid accidentally clicking on any links in the future.
  • Monitor Your Accounts: If you did click on any links or provided personal information, monitor your accounts for any unauthorized activity and consider changing your passwords.


From the Foregoing, it is clear that the Update Scam Text From Rebook-update.com is a phishing scam, So many people have received similar texts, Users should not click on the link if and when they receive such message.

Remember that legitimate organizations like USPS typically do not request personal or financial information through unsolicited text messages. Be cautious and verify the authenticity of any message or communication that raises suspicions.

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