March 27, 2023
Profile Picture App

Profile Picture App 2022: Is It A Safe Or Scam App? Find Out!

Did you come across the Profile Picture App? Do you want to find out if the Profile Picture App is Safe, genuine app or scam? Read this review to find out more of the Profile Picture App.

What is the Profile Picture App

Profile Picture App is a new app that lets you change your user image style as often as you want. Dare to be different, with a profile pic that reflects your current mood or state of mind. Impress your friends on social media and keep them interested in what’s coming next. It is a NEW app that uses artificial intelligence to turn your profile picture into a painting has taken the internet by storm.

The app was created by created by Informe Laboratories, Inc. an app developing group that also released the popular ToonMe service.

On the Apple store, the app has over hundreds of reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

How to get the Profile Picture App

The Profile Picture App is a free app and you can get it from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You just have to download it depending on the type of phone you use.

Tips On how to Use The Profile Picture App

First, you need to download the app or head to the website.

After downloading and installing the app, you must select and upload an image from your photo library.

Once your image is uploaded, you can scroll through a variety of filters and photo effects.

Image styles include cartoon effects, art effects, and toony filters.

Simply select the style you want, hit done, and download your image.

The app claims that it updates its styles constantly, so users are welcome to “come back whenever”.


From the Foregoing, it is clear that the app is a great app for social media enthusiasts, however users should do their due diligence to understand the privacy policies of the app before downloading it so as not to download virus and malwares as there are rumors on Twitter that the App is Russian based and a phishing app.

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