Paddie Nail Reviews 2022: Is This Polygel Nail Kit Worth Your Money? Find Out!

Do you want to buy the Paddie Nail? Do you want to find out if this Paddie Nail is worth your money? Read this review to find out more about it

What is Paddie Nail?

Paddie Nail is a new easy-to-use revolutionary polygel nail kit, with this kit you do not need a visit to the salon, you can make flawless nails at home. It comes in a variety of exciting colors and designs such as milk white, coffee, nude pink, clear nude, emerald youth, silver sky, blue ocean, etc. They are firm, and can last for as long as 28 days +

They range in price from $14.95 to $44.95 for the longest style, but since they are reusable, this is really a steal in comparison to the $100+ a full set of acrylic nails can cost at a salon in the city. Paddie Nail come with a tube of quickset polygel, 20 nail tips in various sizes, 1 nail clip, 1 nail brush, 1 cuticle pusher. The company says the nails can last up to 3 weeks, depending on your lifestyle. They range in price from $15 to $22, depending on the style but they are reusable and a fraction of the price. Compared to the nail salon, a full set of acrylic nails can cost at least $100.

Paddie Nail combines the durability of acrylic nails and the elasticity application of gel nails, while taking away all harsh and harmful chemicals.

Inasmuch as Paddie Nail looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if it is an authentic brand and this review would expose all that is needed to know about it.

Is Paddie Nail Authentic?

There are positive reviews on the Paddie website, there are however no reviews online asides that on the official website.

How To Use

  • Clean nails, apply base coat, and cure
  • Choose nail tip, squeeze gel, and apply tip & cure
  • Remove tip, trim & shape, and apply top coat & cure
  • You can then reshape them by using a nail file.
Paddie Nail
Paddie Nail

How To Remove Paddie Nail

  • Remove top coat with 100/180 grill nail set.
  • Apply peel off latex tape
  • Airdry for 80 to 120 secs
  • Apply gel polish remover
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Push off gel polishes
  • Use tweezers to pull off the latex tape.
  • Brighten nail surface with nail buffer
  • Oil cuticle pen with Vit e, this helps to nourish skin.

Features Of Paddie Nail

  • High-Quality Press-On Nail Kit that features  protective UV coating, to ensure your nails will never break or split
  • Each nail features a tapered fit towards the cuticle to give you the most natural look! Plus, the semi-transparent, natural color is perfect for any occasion!
  • Reusable With Up To 3 Weeks Per Wear
  • Odourless and 0 harmful chemicals


  • You don’t need to visit the salon to get your nails fixed
  • It is water proof
  • It is fully customizable
  • Chip resistant
  • It comes with varieties of exciting colors


  • There are some complaints that they do not last and breaks easily.


From the foregoing it is clear that the Paddie Nail is an authentic product that is worth your money however there are no customer reviews on other ecommerce stores to verify its authenticity. Click Here To read about other nails we have reviewed.

Do this If you have been Scammed!

Have you been Scammed? Here are some things to do if you’ve been scammed.

Contact your bank and and file complaints also request for a new debit card. If you used Paypal as a method of payment you should document the transactions for future purposes, you can do this by keeping a screenshot.

In as much as online shopping has made life easier and simpler, one ought to be careful when ordering things online to avoid the risk of a hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Before ordering things from an online store check out the following.

The website age, A return address, Customer Reviews and its social media presence.

5 thoughts on “Paddie Nail Reviews 2022: Is This Polygel Nail Kit Worth Your Money? Find Out!”

  1. Scam; they conflate discounts and apply things— charging you, before you can review the total. Worse, their contact information doesn’t work! The only method of contact provided is invalid.

    Having my bank cancel the charges ASAP

  2. Paddie nails is a scam. They don’t send the product and don’t respond to emails. It says you can call them, but you have to go through their site (no number list) and after a fifteen minute, the call is simply disconnected.

  3. Got them for my wife for Christmas. Took about 3 weeks to come in, they ship from china so it is to be expected. My wife was actually surprised at the quality. They were stronger than she expected. The installation kind of took her about 3 or 4 nails to really get down but once she did she was replicating them consistently every time.

  4. Paddie nails is a scam ! They took my money and there’s no product to be found .I emailed them ; no response I also try the tracking number they send it was non existing. Don’t get cheated like Me! Don’t buy this product.

  5. I also have had the same problem. It has been a month with no product in site and the tracking number says it is in China somewhere. No response to my email. And site says if it takes 25 days or longer they will refund you and still give you the product. Calling my bank to canx charges! Beware!!!!


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