Navy Federal Scam Texts 2022: SCAM! Busted!! Beware!!!

Did you receive a Navy Federal Scam texts claiming to be from Navy Federal asking you to verify purchases, offering prize, or sending package delivery? Is the Navy Federal Scam Texts scam or legit? Read this review to find out why you should be wary of such Texts.

What is Navy Federal Scam Texts

Navy Federal Scam Texts are fraudulent texts sent by scammers to get your personal information so they can use it to scam you. They come in form of a text saying that you verify purchases, offering prize, or sending package delivery. The phishing text have, unsurprisingly, nothing to do with Navy Federal and these text contain links which you are asked to click on. They are however links created by the scammers to obtain personal information from unsuspecting people.

The Navy Federal Scam Texts contains viruses, spywares, malwares, which are harmful to devices and can hack and destroy a device.

Verifying anything through a mechanism other than ‘direct login to the site that holds your credentials’ is always a SCAM.

No one conducts business this way. There is no need to. The site where you normally log in has all the support needed to re-verify, if that is actually required.

NEVER click on email links — they are far, far too easy to fake. Type the URL yourself to be certain where you are going.

The best thing you can do when receiving a text like this is to block the sender and delete it.

Navy Federal will never reach out to members asking for personal information via a text message. If you think you may have been a victim, you can report unauthorized transactions online.

Tips To Protect yourself from navy federal scams

  • Don’t be fooled by a familiar area code. Smishers can use tools to make it look as though the text is from a local number.
  • Don’t click links in text messages. Links are often used to install malware or keyloggers—software that tracks what you type. If you’ve clicked a link by mistake, consider installing an antivirus app to scan your device.
  • Don’t respond to a suspicious text message. Like website links, text responses can be used to verify your phone number and gain access to your personal information. Some financial institutions, including Navy Federal, do use text messages to verify suspicious purchases. However, those texts will never request personal information. Check with your financial institution to see if it offers SMS text banking or mobile alerts. That way you can identify the difference between a real message and a fake.

You may also get other similar texts as they come in various form, it is in your own best interest that you don’t click on it, simply delete it and inform others so they don’t fall victim.


From the Foregoing, it is clear that the Navy Federal Scam Texts is a phishing scam, Users should not click on the link if and when they receive such message.

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