June 25, 2022

Malfunctioned Constructor Wow Reviews 2022: Find Out More!

Have you heard of the Malfunctioned Constructor Wow? Do you want to find out the location of the Malfunctioned Constructor Wow? Read this review to know all that is needed to know.

What is Malfunctioned Constructor Wow

Malfunctioned Constructor is a level 60 NPC that can be found in Zereth Mortis. This NPC can be found in Zereth Mortis. The Malfunctioned Constructor is an automa located at the Plain of Actualization in Zereth Mortis.

Quick Facts about the Malfunctioned Constructor.

  • It is on level 60
  • its React is A H
  • It is mechanical
  • It was added in Patch
  • Health: 149,435

Abilities of the Malfunctioned Constructor

  • Breaking Smash
  • Emergency repairs
  • cratering blast
  • Strip advantage

Location Of the Malfunctioned Constructor

The ‘Malfunctioned constructor’ is up the hill to the right, at 61,42.

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