November 16, 2023
Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Your Money? Find Out!

Do you want to buy Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm? Do you want to find out if Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is authentic and worth your money? Does Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm really works? Read this review to find out more about Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

What is Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm?

Mad Rabbit offers a comprehensive tattoo product line, made with all natural and organic ingredients specifically combined for tattoos.Its line of tattoo aftercare balms, sunscreens, and gels are designed to keep your ink vibrant and protected from aging and fading.

The founders of the balm, Oliver and Selom set out with the “mission to eliminate unnatural and processed ingredients found in traditional aftercare” and to create a product offering that embodied the basics of holistic healing.

The friends officially launched the brand in 2019. It is extremely transparent about the ingredients included in each balm, gel, and sunscreen. The tattoo balm comes in three scents, vanilla and coconut, Frankincence and lavender, Cucumber.

Mad tattoo also has a tatto Spf too

The Mad Rabbit Tattoo SPF 30 Sunscreen ensures both your ink and your skin are safe.

This product is formulated with carrot extract, aloe vera, vitamin E, argan oil, chamomile, and other nourishing ingredients. The UV protection comes from zinc oxide—this type of SPF is popular because, unlike chemical sunscreens that penetrate, it forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

Inasmuch as Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if it lives up to its name, and this review would expose all that is needed to know about this product.

Does Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm Really work?

Customers have left so many positive reviews on Amazon about this product verifying its authenticity.

Smell is little bit to herby but my wife told my my tattoos do look brighter 👌🏻I will buy it again


I like this a lot better than tattoo goo. It is a paste so it works best on NEW ink if you warm it in your hand first otherwise it is gritty and might irritate unhealed skin. once it warms up it is smooth. After 5 days of wearing saniderm patch on a new tattoo I used it and have been using it 2 times a day since. Unlike tattoo goo it is not greasy and doesn’t stain clothing. It also lasts longer keep skin moisturized. It has a SLIGHT fragrance to it but it isn’t an offensive smell. It also works GREAT on older tattoos. It really does revive the color. I Highly recommend.


Some Features Of the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

  • Collection of aftercare necessities that are specifically formulated to protect tattoos
  • Made with ingredients that are natural, clean, and organic
  • Free of all toxins, parabens, and artificial ingredients
  • Thousands of positive testimonials that attest to its products
  • Subscription program is available
  • Ships internationally
  • 30 day return policy on all orders


  • This ultra-nourishing balm instantly enhances ink vibrancy as it forms a protective barrier on skin to help moisturize and soothe skin.
  •  Enhance depth, clarity, and contrast for all your body art, while keeping your tattoo healthy and preventing ink discoloration.
  • It is a combination of fatty-acid, antioxidant rich butters and lightweight oils support skin’s natural barrier while fending off harmful environmental stressors for healthy-looking, dynamic tattoos both old and new
  • great for sensitive skin
  • Calms itchiness and sensitivity.


  • There is no flowery fragrance; the smell is herbal. The smell, on the whole, isn’t bad.
  • The natural texture is sandy/waxy/gritty.
  • Pricey


From the foregoing it is clear that Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is authentic just like the Lume Deodorant , thus we recommend it. Click Here To read about other products that we have reviewed.

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