Local Depot Gb Scam Reviews 2022: Scam Or Legit? Find Out!

Have you received a Local Depot Gb text telling you that your parcel is waiting for delivery, or that  delivery failed and has been returned to a Post Office depot? Read this review to find out why you should beware of such texts. Is local-depot-gb.com scam or legit?

What is Local Depot Gb Scam text

Local Depot Gb scam text is a phishing text sent by scammers to rip off unsuspecting people. They send  Local Depot GB scam text with a link to the phishing website: local-depot-gb .com. The phishing website claims to be the UK Post Office and claims a package needs to be redelivered. It then requests a fee of £1.45 for the re-delivery and requests your credit card details and security code.

The text contains a link to a fake website created to look exactly like an official Post Office platform.

The website asks the recipient to enter their postcode and personal details, supposedly to identify their closest depot and reorganise the delivery. But, if the requested information is sent, it is used fraudulently.

The Local Depot Gb scam Text Format

The Local Depot Gb scam Text always comes in this format

Your parcel is waiting for delivery, please confirm the settlement of £1.45 on the following link local-depot-gb.com


From the foregoing it is very clear that the Local Depot Gb text is a scam one. When you receive such texts, do not click on the link, simply delete it. But if you have already done that, quickly contact your bank for help.

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