LIDEHMAO Reviews 2022: SCAM! Buyers Beware!

Did you receive a package that you did not order from Lidehmao? Have you received a package thats entirely different from what you ordered for from Lidehmao? Have you been scammed by Lidehmao? Read this review to find out more about this scam shipping website.

What is Lidehmao

Lidehmao is a scam shipping company, the Scam makes use of social media to get their victims. They advertise items at a cheap and suspicious discounts, and then send an entirely different and far cheaper item when a customer orders. Instead of a beach tent you would receive plastic toy shovels & a toy beach ball, this is quite suspicious.

Many customers have left various reviews online about the scam LIDEHMAO, even on Facebook a whole lot of customers have claimed that they received packages even without placing an order.

I purchased a beach tent and received 2 plastic toy shovels & a toy beach ball


I too just got scammed by these people. Ordered a pool cleaner and got a chinese hand held fan!! LIDEHMAO is the name on the package. I’m usually very careful and use Paypal. I guess it is always the way, the one time you don’t it happens.


My wife ordered some embroidery projects and got a Chinese hand held fan


How the LIDEHMAO Scam works

The name LIDEHMAO is just a pseudonym that cannot be traced, so many scam online stores also use the address as their address. So many people have also left complaints that they received items from Lidehmao even without ordering anything.

I just got a package from China with things I never ordered, googled it and found out it’s a scam. If anyone gets a package from LIDEHMAO INTERNATIONAL PROJECT DEPARTMENT. DONT ACCEPT IT. ITS A SCAM. LOOK IT UP ON LINE AND IT WILL TELL U WHAT TO DO. VERY IMPORTANT.


This is not good, as it means the store has access to your personal information and as such you are not safe. This scam is called brushing, and it has been coming up all over the world ever since the birth of e-commerce. It is a scam method used by scam online stores. You might receive a package even when you had not ordered anything from online. In cases like this you should notify the retailer most especially if its from notable stores like Amazon etc. You should also make sure to change your passwords.


From the foregoing, it is quite clear that LIDEHMAO is a scam, so when next you are shopping online and see an online store use them as a shipping company, it is safe to say that the store is probably fake.

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