Reviews 2023: Scam Or Legit? Find Out!

Have you heard about the website Do you want to find out if it is a scam or legit website? Is scam or legit? Read this review to find out more!

What is website? is a scam website that claims that there is a secret technology that can make you rich that is hidden in your phone. It claims that the Income club app uses the computing power of your device to take on a profession semi-autonomously on the internet.

On the official website, it claims that With the advanced mathematical combinations generated by the application you can have a recurring income falling into account every day on autopilot. All you have to do is Click on the I want to join the Club Icon on the website.

The website has also promised that one can make money in 3 easy steps which include:

Step 1

Generate your Codes in 1 Click using the Income Club App

Step 2

Copy the code into the payment application (100% integrated with Income Club).

Step 3


Is scam or legit?

It is a scam website, just like Cashapp22 and Appcash55 ,Beware!.

Conclusion is not a trustworthy website, and does not give any free cash as there is no way a website would be willing to part with such amount of money. Beware and avoid such websites.

1 thought on “ Reviews 2023: Scam Or Legit? Find Out!”

  1. Haven’t decided if income club is a scam or not. The app they promise is something designed to give you currency trading pairs determined by the formulating software which works by analyzing recent FX trading . The platform will suggest up to seven pairs which you can choose to activate on your investment account in the Pocket Options app. You can start with a demo account to learn how everything works before you decide to try live moneyed trading. The trades the Income Club system suggests are based on the ongoing 24/7 international currency trading using a “proprietary evaluation formula.” The club features a coaching lesson plan and it requires that you open a practice trading account to start with so you can understand how to place currency trades and develop knowledge based on the experience you get. It appears that the trade you place has to expire above or below, per your choice, the level chosen before trade activation and the time period of the trade is part of the traders choosing. I.e., you might want to bet the US dollar against the Austrailian dollar, and choose the trade value to be above or blow the entry point in the next five, ten, fifteen minutes, whatever time length you choose. You could place it for a day, a week, a month. The pay out is what you choose to place as an trade amount in ratio to what the listed payout is. The flag thrown up is that the usual currency trading payouts according to pips gained or lost which can result in significant gains is not involved to my surmise. Your payout if won is the amount wagered that you indicate before the trade is placed. You are guessing as to whether the ratio value of the currency pair you select expires as you selected, above or below where it was when you clicked to activate your trade. whether it has gained in value or diminished. The Pocket Options trading platform requires a min of $750 on deposit to begin live trading. You must then trade a min of $750 before being able to withdraw any funds. That is to say, you must place a minimum of $750 in trades with a win loss ratio of at least 50/50 in order to be able to withdraw your initial deposit of $750. If you were skilled at predicting the FX value flows you would have a positive balance to make your withdrawals from because your investing would be seeing a profit. Your profit or loss is likely to depend on your knowledge of how currencies react as the day’s trading in them circles the planet with the passing of the hours on the clock. The population in New Zealand is probably sleeping while people in the USA are at work in the day so there might be limited amount of trading going on in NZ. and vice versa.


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