How To Leave a Clan in Warframe


Warframe: How to Leave a Clan

If you want to leave a clan in Warframe, for whatever reason, start by accessing the Pause menu and clicking Communication. Choose Clan from the list of options. Find yourself in the clan’s roster, right-click your name, and select Leave Clan. When you’re asked to confirm this decision, simply click Yes. That’s it. You’re now a free agent and can freely choose to join another clan. Step to follow:

  • Open Pause menu
  • Click Communication
  • Choose Clan
  • Right-click your name
  • Select Leave Clan
  • Select Yes when prompted

Can you leave your own Clan in Warframe?

The good news is yes, you can leave a clan even if you founded it in the first place. The process is largely the same as above, but before you quit you’ll need to make another player the new leader. This is done in the same menu as quitting, above, but you select the new player in the roster list, right-click their name, and select Promote. Once you’ve done that, follow the instructions above.

Note that if you are the only member of the clan leaving it will permanently delete the clan. Once gone it cannot be revived and any progress made will be permanently deleted.  

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