August 10, 2022

How to Know Who Added You in a Group on Telegram

Like me, you may be wondering how to see who added you to a group on telegram. Telegram is a great social messaging app that can host more members in a group than its competitor WhatsApp. Sometimes you could be added to a group without your permission. Most admins of scam groups with evil intent does that, however, you could also be added to a valuable group by someone that means well for you.

Steps to Finding Out How You were Added on a Telegram Group

Basically, there is no comprehensive step or way to find out as at the time of writing this article. We hope telegram sends notifications in the future to alert you when you are added to a group.

For now your best bet, is asking someone in the group to check for you. The person would see something similar to the image below.

By so doing, you could know who invited you to the group on telegram.

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