How To Evolve Deino And Zweilous In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Are you a fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video game? Looking for a way to evolve Deino and Zweilous? What level do you think you can get to before evolving Deino and Zweilous? Read this complete review to know everything about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video game and how to evolve Deino and Zweilous.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Video Game: All You Need To Know About This Game

Pokemon Scarlet and violet is a multi-player video game developed by Game Freak in the year 2022. It was first released on the 18 November 2022 and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet have been described as an open-world experience meaning that players will be able to move freely between wilderness and towns in ways that are quite different from past Pokemon games.

All You Need To Know About Deino And Zweilous


Deino is a small blue four footed walking pokemon with black fur covering its head and neck, covering everything but its mouth from view. The fur around its neck has six purple spots encircling it, which looks like injuries. The hair on the top of its head takes the shape of a small horn and a short tail that appears to be bitten off. Deino’s body is covered in wounds.


While Zweilous is a dark-blue pokemon with two heads and it has black fur covering its necks and back. It front legs are muscular with two claws on each foot, but it rear legs has two small, toes without claws. It has two thin wings on its back, each ending in two points.Zwelious fur stops at its chest and It also appears to lack eyes.

How To Evolve Deino And Zweilous In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Deino along with their two evolutions has been in Pokemon since generation five. Now, they are returning in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this review are some tips on how to evolve Deino and Zweilous in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Deino is a dual-type Pokemon from the get-go. They are a Dark Dragon-type Pokemon. They are very powerful and are worth capturing and evolving to their final evolution.

Deino has two evolutions, Zweilous and Hydreigon. Hydreigon is a very well-rounded Pokemon but is incredibly powerful at the same time.

Here is how you evolve Deino and Zweilous!

Evolving Deino is quite achievable without great effort. Though, it may be a bit challenging . To evolve Deino into Zweilous, you need to get them to level 50. You can do this in different ways , it all determines on your choice If you have rare candies and XP candies to hand, you can use these. These can be found in the hub world and as rewards for conquering Tera Raids. This will hasten up the actions abruptly.

Another step includes the traditional Pokemon battle which will result to a lot of XP if you battle high-level Pokemon. In another option , with the newest feature of auto-battling, you can send your Pokemon out to fight battles themselves. This doesn’t yield as much XP as traditional Pokemon battles, but they can still gain XP and add up this way.

Once they have hit level 50, they will evolve into Zweilous.

You have to get them to level 64 to evolve zweilous. This is likely to take a long while but it is worth the wait if you really want to use this Pokemon. As it is clearly stated above, there are three ways you can evolve them, depending on your choice . The two methods with battling, or you can use rare candies and XP candies to speed up the process.

Once you have leveled them up to level 64, they will evolve into their final evolution, Hydreigon! It’s as simple as that. Then you have a very powerful Dark Dragon dual-type Pokemon.

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