December 5, 2022

Honor Society Foundation Scam Alert! Beware? Details Exposed!

Have you received mails inviting you to an Honor society foundation? Do you want to find out if it is scam or legit? Is Honor society email scam Or legit? Read this review to find out!

What is Honor Society

Honor Societies are organizations that have a long history of recognizing student academic achievement and supporting students by providing scholarship, networking, and service opportunities. For many students, being offered a place at a prestigious Honor Society is an important recognition of their hard work and success.  However Honor Society Foundation is a legitimate organization that has been targeted by scammers who use their brand to send hopeful students emails with fake membership offers. They try to trick them into paying membership fees and sharing their personal details. Reviews 2022: SCAM! Bu...

Honor Society Scam Email Formats

You receive an email that appears to be from the Honor Society Foundation. You are asked to provide your Full name, A statement of membership fees to pay to join, A description of the selection criteria, An explanation of the benefits for members, including networking, leadership, and scholarship opportunities, A link that you are directed to click on to sign up. However, these emails can be scams that are designed to trick you into clicking on links that install malware on your computer or phone, steal money and your personal details.

The influx of emails is a pattern that is seen by its recipients, some of the recipients receives upward of 10-15 emails a day. Asides the influx of emails, there is another issue of the deadline the Honor Society gives which puts the students at unease.


In as much as the Honor society foundation is a prestigious organization, scammers are now impersonating, sending fake emails to purchase membership.

Students should beware of such mails.

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