February 24, 2024

Grindguys.com Scam Review (Jan 2022): Beware of this site!

Looking for Grindguys.com reviews? Search no more. This review provides enough information about Grind Guys which is also mrkrdz.flndluver.com. Due to the rise in online scams, we provide genuine reviews that help you decide if a platform is scam or legit or worth your time. Do not disclose your details to any platform without checking its authenticity.

What is Grindguys.com

Grindguys.com is an online website that redirects you to an online male adult gaming site benaughty.com, this websites asks you some questions such as your age confirmation, keeping identity of partners private, and use of condom before granting you access.

Afterwards it redirects you and give you access. In order to play the game they would demand your personal details like name, location, email, postal code e.t.c.

Is Grindguys a Scam?

The answer is simple YES. It is a type of scam called Phishing scam. The intent of the creators are to steal your personal details when you supply it to them. Please don’t fall for this scam. We strongly advise our readers never to click on any of their links and also not to supply personal details.


Grindguys.com is a huge SCAM you should run away from. We get lots of complaint each day from people that have been scammed. This is one of the reasons we put out these warning to prevent people from falling victim.

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