GiftMart Scam Instagram 2022: Find Out more!

Have you come across GiftMart on Instagram and want to know more about it? Do you want to know if its a scam? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about GiftMart Instagram Scam.

What is GiftMart Scam?

 Gift marts are Instagram page that offers you an opportunity to work from home by shopping, sharing, and making money.

The scam usually starts with a direct message on Instagram, seemingly from a friend, in an Instagram DM. In the message, the friend will say they’ve been working on something for hours, and send a link, which includes the words “giftshop”, “buzz”, Giftmart, some numbers, and name of the recipient. might offer a gift list, full of curated products, which a friend has spent hours working on. However when the user clicks on it, they would be asked to log into Instagram so as to verify themselves, it might look normal given the promise of a Gift. But that is the scam, once you log in, you can kiss goodbye to your Instagram Account.

Once you log in, the scammers would have total access to your password and account, they would then send those messages to your friends, and so the circle continues. They send these same messages to your friends and if they fall, their accounts get hacked too.


To be on the safer side, Social media Users should be wary of clicking on links and inputting their passwords online except it is an official page. Do not click on links as this is the fastest and easiest way to get your account hacked, Use a strong Password too, and once you notice you have clicked on any suspicious websites, quickly go to your settings and change your password to a stronger one. It is also important to turn on two-factor authentication in your settings for added security.

I hope this helps!

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