Geek Squad Email Scam: How To Protect Yourself From It!

Did you receive a Geek Squad Email Scam claiming to be from Geek Squad a subsidiary of Best Buy about a renewed subscription? Do you want to find out if this email is a scam or legit one? Read this review to find out why you should be wary of such mails.

What is the Geek Squad Email Scam

The scam text is been sent by scammers with a link to a phishing website . The Email claims that Greek Squad has automatically renewed the Geek Total Protection subscription..  However this is a scam text which scammers are sending. Cyber criminals send thousands of emails presenting them as notifications from Geek Squad. The messages state that $499.99 have been charged for the services. It also contains a fake invoice number, renewal date, and service name.

Geek squad scam email
Geek squad Email Scam
Geek squad scam email 2
Geek squad Email Scam 2
Geek squad scam email 3
Geek squad Email Scam 3

Geek Squad Email Scam And How It Works

Attempts have been made to defraud Internet shoppers by the unauthorized use of the Geek squad name and brand via email communications and graphics which appear, on the surface, to have originated from Geek Squad. The scam works by attempting to trick recipients into clicking the link in it or calling the number  +1-808-666-6112 on the email. But, the link in the mail scam goes to a phishing website that steals account credentials, personal and financial information. Often times they also attempt to trick users into downloading malware or providing remote access to their computers.

The spoofing links often times contains viruses, spywares, malwares, which are harmful to devices and can hack and destroy a device.

Some Geek Squad Email Scam Format

The Geek Squad Email Scam often comes in this form:

Support Line: (1085) 960 5323
Geek Squad Department
Date 09/28/2022

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Powered by BEST BUY

Thank you for your GEEK SQUAD billing payment. Your payment has been successfully processed and your account has been updated.

Product Description:
Account Type: Personal Home Subscription
Product: Geek Squad security
Quantity: 01
Tenure: 36 months
Payment Mode: Auto Debit
Renewal Amount: $377.75

If you have any questions regarding your bill, Please contact our support line at-(1085) 960 5323

You will be billed each plan period untill you cancel by downloading to the free plan
From your Android device, Mac or Windose PC

It also comes in this format,

Customer ID: CX94203 Date: Sept 19, 2022

Payment Receipt
Dear Customer,
This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription.
Subscription Type Auto Pay Every 2 Yrs.
Subscription Period 2 Yrs.
Auto Charged 359.99 USD
Auto Paid Amount 359.99 USD
Toll Free: 88-831-3237

You may also get other similar texts as they come in various form, it is in your own best interest that you don’t click on it, simply forward it to Geek Squad then delete it and inform others so they don’t fall victim. The goal here is to lure unsuspecting victims to click on the link that takes them to a phishing website where their personal information is then taken and used fraudulently.

How To Protect Yourself From Phishing And Smishing Text

The Geek Squad name has been used in a series of fraudulent email scams, commonly referred to as “Phishing.” One such email suggests that Geek Squad is attempting to deliver a package and asks the recipient to open the email attachment in order to affect delivery. These emails are not authorized by Geek Squad – their authors are only using the Geek Squad name in their message to grab the user’s attention and lend apparent legitimacy to the emails.

Geek Squad recommends not opening the emails if identified as being “from” Geek Squad , and one or more of the following is the case:

  • You have received an email without a tracking number and you are not doing business with Geek Squad
  • The email has an attachment and you are not aware that you are doing business with Geek Squad

Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Geek Squad Email Scam

How To Protect Yourself From The Geek Squad Email Scam

  • Do not click on the link, simply copy the whole text in a new email.
  • Provide your name in the email and a screenshot of the message also showing the the phone number of the sender and the date sent.
  • Make sure to include some relevant details in your text, for example,  if you clicked the link, if you lost money, if you provided any personal information, or if you experienced any impacts to your credit or person.
  • Send the email and then wait fro response from from the Postal Inspection Office.

I Accidentally Clicked On The Link, What Do I do?

If you have clicked on the link or provided any personal, financial information, quickly change your passwords and also contact the authorities as soon as possible.


From the Foregoing, it is clear that the Geek Squad Email Scam is a phishing scam just like Upsreported. So many people have received similar texts, Users should not click on the link if and when they receive such message.

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